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Sticky: Responding to the Posts of Others.
10 years ago  ::  Mar 10, 2008 - 12:18PM #1
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For a time now I have been meaning to place this 'hint' here on the board, and today I have finally remembered to do it!    *smile*

I suspect this may in fact be more informative to new members rather than those who have been posting for a time here at Bnet, however since I have done this myself from time to time I have decided that maybe this reminder may indeed help some of us.

--when you are about to embark on writing a response to someone elses post, or if simply adding your own thoughts to the thread keep in mind that after each 10 posts, you will find a place at the bottom of each of these 10 where it indicates you can now place your own post......often there are still postings after the #10, and they can be found on 'page 2'.  When first opening a thread to read it, look on top and you will find a  number telling you how many people have written a message in this area already, once you know this it is then second nature to be certain you have read all the posts before responding rather than just the first ten.  Always check if there is a page 2, and in that way you will always be up to date in responding as well as in following all the comments in that particular thread.
I hope this may infact be news worthy to some of you, for as I said it is something that I sometimes overlook myself and then find later that there were more postings than I originally thought there were!  This not only keeps you updated, but as well helps all who are next in reading all the entries.
[SIZE=5][COLOR=purple]:so always remember:::o[/COLOR][/SIZE]
-at the bottom of each page, [and not merely the last one] you will find an area to open the thread up  further so that you may add your own thoughts-

Does anyone have any additional hints that they would like to share?

Love and Light ^0^
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10 years ago  ::  Jul 21, 2008 - 9:19AM #2
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Thank you for those hints!
You know I immediatly followed the settings advice and I now allow 20 per page as opposed to the previous 10.  Which in turn of course now shows me that it is indeed at the end of each page and not after 10 posts that one will find a place to add their thoughts. Againi thank you for taking the time to add in that wonderful hint!
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10 years ago  ::  Jul 14, 2008 - 11:34AM #3
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If you happen to have a high speed Internet connection, you can click on > My Settings < (either here or at the top of a forum page) when you are logged in to control many additional features of your user experience here on Beliefnet. On this page you will find in the left column a link to > Edit Options <. If you click on this link you can find an option to control the number of post you see when you click on a link.

Under Thread Display Options you will see, Number of Posts to Show Per Page: Here you can increase the number of post that Beliefnet displays per page. I find for me that forty works well. While the page will take slightly longer to load, you'll have to load pages less often, and in many areas get the entire thread in one click. You will still find an area to enter your comments at the bottom of the page. (Technically it is always at the bottom of the page and not after a certain number of post)


For Technical support visit

> Dah's User to User Self Support <

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