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10 years ago  ::  Jan 14, 2008 - 8:00AM #1
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I am kind of new and still learning where the right spot to post my questions, so please bare with me if I am wrong in posting this topic here...but I was wondering what I experienced some x years ago.

I remember I was a teen-ager and had gotten home from school..the first thing I wanted to do was to just relax, but I think I relaxed myself out of my body or something happened to me that for the sake of me can't figure out and has been on my mind for many years, so maybe someone can enlighten me.

I went upstairs to the "music" dad made our spare room into this wonderful room, he set it up like a disco, putting tin foil on the walls and christmas lights in the false cielings, the only thing missing was a disco ball...he had a stereo and head phone sets(the old school ones, big and heavy)..this was back in the late 70's..he also had a recliner which I loved to sit and listen to music in with the headphones on, and that day was no different, except for one thing, in truth it was different..I remember putting the head phones on and listening to my dad's album "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Flyod(hard to believe my dad would have that album since he loved classical and opera music, but yea, dad had a Pink Floyd and YES album).

I closed my eyes and was listening to the music, I'm not even sure how long I had my eyes closed, but when I opened them, I went downstairs to ask my mom where dad was.  She told me he had not gotten home from work yet, and I swore to her that he did because I just saw him in the kitchen. My dad always loved to play jokes on my sister and I, so I thought he was hiding..but searching the house I did not find him. He wasn't home, but I know I saw him in the kitchen..being a teen ager, this baffled me, I sat in the living room and watched some t.v., around 6:00pm my father strolled in the house and in the kitchen, just like I had seen him about an hour earlier, and the freaky thing is, he was wearing the same exact suit.  Now this might not be freaky to some, but it is in the fact that I did not see my father that morning before he went to work, so I had no idea what he wore that day, because my sister and I had been sleeping.

For years I have tried to figure out what could have happened to me so many years ago, and I am hoping that perhaps now that I have shared my story on here, someone might be able to help me.

Did my dad and I have a pyshic connection?
Did I experience an OBE?
Was it an Astral projection on my father's part? Did he project himself from his work to home and why would I see it?

any insight would be muchly appreciated, and hope I put this in the right spot.
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