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Switch to Forum Live View Here We Go Again! -- Obama Sending Special Forces to Syria
3 years ago  ::  Oct 30, 2015 - 7:35PM #1
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The U.S. will send special operations forces to Syria to advise and assist rebels in the fight against ISIS, according to multiple U.S. officials. 

Will the USA ever get out of the Middle East? 

They will not say boots on the ground, but we are talking about warriors which are human beings!  {#emotions_dlg.frown}

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 30, 2015 - 9:13PM #2
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This is not true.

obama said in 2013 he would NOT put boots on the ground and we know his words are sacred.

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 31, 2015 - 11:12AM #3
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Kerry says the decision is strictly focused on fighting Daesh and does not signify the United States is entering the civil war there.

Asked about the prospect of the United States sending more troops, or getting drawn deeper into the conflict, Kerry said: "I can't predict what the future will bring when our policy is to destroy Daesh, to fight back against this evil. But I do think the president has made a judgment that I completely advocated for and concur (with)."

The White House announced on Friday that dozens of special operations troops will be deployed to northern Syria to advise opposition forces in their fight Daesh.

The decision marked a policy shift for Obama, who has long resisted sending troops to avoid getting sucked into another war in the Middle East.

As The Christian Science Monitor's Howard LaFranchi wrote:

The announcement does reflect a move away from the failed US effort to train and equip large numbers of opposition fighters and is a reemphasis of parts of the anti-IS strategy that Defense Department officials consider to have shown more promise.

In addition to the troop deployment, the administration will also be sending additional fighter jets to Turkey to ramp up airstrikes on IS positions.

Kerry, at the start of a tour of the 5 ex-Soviet republics in Central Asia, described Daesh as "a destroyer and it is threatening to take actions against America, Canada and Mexico, against countries all around the world.  So ISIL is a... threat that we have to respond to."

Kerry is in the region in part to reassure governments that are anxious about the threat from Islamist militants, especially those operating in nearby Afghanistan.

Kyrgyzstan's acting foreign minister said at the news briefing with Kerry that his government was concerned about instability in northern Afghanistan.  He said the subject would be discussed when, later in his tour, Kerry meets foreign ministers from the 5 central Asian states in the Uzbek city of Samarkand.

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3 years ago  ::  Oct 31, 2015 - 12:08PM #4
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Not surprisingly, the US decision to send troops into Syria has been described as an act of aggression because it does not have the government's agreement, a Syrian member of parliament said today.  Sharif Shehadeh told The AP that the troops will have no effect on the ground, but that Washington wants to say it is present in Syria.

"What has happened to make America realize, after five years, that it should send between 30 and 50 military advisers?" asked Shehadeh, referring to the start of the country's crisis in March 2011 that has since killed more than 250,000 people.

American officials say up to 50 special operations troops will be sent to assist Kurdish and Arab forces in northern Syria.

A US-led coalition has been targeting Daesh with airstrikes since September 2014, killing 12,000 extremists without weakening the group.

The decision to send troops to Syria comes a month after Russia began launching airstrikes against insurgents in the country.  Russia's airstrikes were agreed upon with the Syrian government.

"When America sends ground forces into Syrian territories without an agreement with the Syrian government it becomes an intervention and aggression," Shehadeh said by telephone.  "Will America allow Russian ground forces to go into America without an agreement? I think the answer is no."

The US has conducted special operations raids in Syria before and is expected to continue to carry out more unilateral raids.

The US decision came as activists said some rebel groups, as well as the main US-backed Kurdish militia known as the YPG, are preparing for an offensive against Daesh in its de facto capital of Raqqa.  Earlier this month, US cargo planes dropped small arms and ammunition to Arab groups fighting Daesh in northern Syria in what appeared to be preparation for the attack.

Today, the Democratic Forces of Syria — a coalition of Arab, Christian and Kurdish factions in northern Syria — declared that they have started an operation to "liberate" areas south of the northeastern city of Hassekeh.

Daesh has several strongholds in the predominantly Kurdish province of Hassakeh that borders Iraq.

The announcement was carried by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and social media pages of rebel groups.

The Rebels Army group carried the statement from the coalition's spokesman who goes by the name of Abu Ali as vowing to "cleanse Syria's soil from the filth of terrorist groups."

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