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3 years ago  ::  Oct 29, 2015 - 9:07PM #1
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Apparently Poiticaians do not pay attencion to Protests because they tell themselves

"it´s not our Voters Protesting"

I therefore reccomend future protests to only include Registered Voters- They should even be Called:-

Registered Voter Protests.

A registered Voters Protest For this, or against that,

And Steps should be taken by the organisers of the protest to gareentee that the majority of people present are registered Voters.

So my First recommendation is, in all countries involved

A registered Voters Protest Against TTIP! TTP! TISA! In every country!

Demands for openness and transparency about what the aggreements include, and also Calls for referendums in every country about the Agreements after the public knows what they include, and before any government decision or vote is made.

Including demands for a clause to remove any sections the people do not agree with.

If any Government pushes these agreements through without public consultation then they are ultimately utterly undemocratic, and so not valid.

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