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6 years ago  ::  Jul 22, 2012 - 4:03PM #1
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In Syria the situation worsens daily yet we can discuss the effects on the common people as more and more attempt to cross to Turkey or Lebanon and face heavy fighting in Syria.

While we can talk about massacres lets talk about what I can confirm directly on another front.

In one village east of the city of Hama the situation is particularly dire.  Several families have escaped fighting in Damascus and government insdicriminate shelling and burning of private vehicles and homes in the area.  What they foind in the village was that the government doesn't bother to enter the village anymore and simply engages in indiscriminate shelling of the village during the night.  The power and phones and utilities are all shut off during these times.

Residents run to the fields and sleep in the dirt until morning when they can go back, daily finding those who refuse and those too sick, old or weak to run everynight to be the main victims of these shellings.  Children can't bring themselves to eat from the stress and sleep very little.

In another village snipers hang out near the houses of goverment supporters and fire into any home with the lights on after dark (about 9) forcing people to be in the dark.

These things are no less than a war on Islam and traditional Islamic practices by the largely "secular" alawite sect and their supporters as night time is currently when people eat and gather during Ramadan.  People are forced to choose between breaking their tradition fasting or being shot or starving or becoming weak.
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