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6 years ago  ::  May 04, 2012 - 2:13PM #81
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May 4, 2012 -- 12:27PM, Find1Answer wrote:

Still the subject is equal pay for equal work.   not equal pay for those that choose to drop out for years to raise kids or parents that miss a lot of work because their kids needs.    

Sure you want to argue that a female ceo or janitor who has a spotty work record should NOt be paid as much as a male that never left his position,  persumably  because had a spouse at home that took care of these details.

But the concept of equal pay for equal work should not be based on statisitcs of women as a group do this or minority as a group  do that as opposed to the male always does this.

Lily Ledbetter case is an example of this as is Cesmom's mother.          

You'll find cases like this throughout industry, even in liberal bastions such as Academia.

In 1992, an assistant professor [male] straight out of post doc at the Mayo Clinic was hired at an unnamed university [to protect the guilty] at 46K per year.  A mere 6 years later the starting salary for a newly hired female assistant professor in the same dpeartment was 54K.  Did the professor who was hired in 92 get an adjustment in pay?? ...NOPE!

He didn't complain about "discrimination" ... he simply left for another University.

While Cases such as Lily Ledbetter exists ... neither I nor you, nor the Congresswoman Maloney, or anyone else knows the specifics.  But such stories make for good propaganda, because you don't know the specifics, and as such, one in free to inject all the assumptions into the case they desire.

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