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6 years ago  ::  Apr 27, 2012 - 7:07PM #1
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I am the consumate Homer.  (not simpson).

Ok, maybe this thread will stick around a day or two.  It is not so political, but in some ways it is when you think of the monies spent on higher education for sports related scholarships versus what is gotten in return.

Pat Summit was diagnosed with early stages of dementia.  She has been the University of Tennessee womens head basket coach.  She felt it her personal mission to elevate the womens game of basketball to the national prominence.  She did, almost singlehandedly. 

Her pay generally has exceeded the men's coach for sometime in Knoxville.  The issue of equal pay was never a factor.  She earned it.

The Basketball court at Thompson-Boiling arena has been named "The Summit."

She was smart enough to realize in her early years, the football program footed the bill for her program.  The UT women's basketball program has consistently run in the black for years, one of if not the first women's programs to do so.  Today, all men's coaches pay hommage to her upon their arrival on campus.  But she never expected it, it just came.

I've barely touched her accomplishments. 

Go here to the LINK for that.

But one thing I want to point out that no one can argue to her success. 

Pat Summit has a 100% graduation rate of her players who played for her for 4 years.  This is 100% every year........FOR 38 YEARS.  Think about that.  No one will ever come close to that. 

A brief synopsis of Summitt's resume goes like this: A consummate taskmaster, she has kept her elite program in the winner's circle for almost four decades, producing a mind-boggling record of 1,098-208 (.840). During her tenure, the Lady Vols have won eight NCAA titles, as well as an amazing 32 Southeastern Conference tournament and regular season championships. Tennessee has made an unprecedented 31 consecutive appearances in the NCAA Tournament and produced 12 Olympians, 20 Kodak All-Americans named to 34 teams, and 77 All-SEC performers. Along with the success on the court, Summitt's student-athletes have tremendous productivity in the classroom. Coach Summitt has a 100 percent graduation rate for all Lady Vols who have completed their eligibility at Tennessee.

I thought some might be interested in this.

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6 years ago  ::  Apr 27, 2012 - 10:37PM #2
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This is a wonderful story Tenac....what one woman has done who is dedicated to excellence and to uplifting her 'charges'.

I wonder, in the beginning of her coaching, was she 'questioned' concerning her demands for high standards and grades? Some of the 'good old boys' surely must have objected,(although perhaps women's B Ball wasn't on their radar as important).

Her 'style' of coaching is reminisent of John Wooden, the great UCLA coach who also

demanded academic excellence from his players...(I'm not really comparing), but far too few coaches ask for anything more that physical prowess from their players.



Good post!

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6 years ago  ::  Apr 27, 2012 - 11:48PM #3
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I will probably have to move this to Sports. BUT, I'm not going to do so right now. Based on replies I may be justified in moving it to Hot Topics. It is indeed a good story and something worth discussing.


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6 years ago  ::  Apr 28, 2012 - 11:29AM #4
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Patricia 'Pat' Head Summit. 59 year old Coach of 38 years for the University of Tennessee Women's Basketball Team.
A "Hot Topic"? --Sure, it is when you learn who she is and what she accomplished with her life along with her recent news & announcement. 

"She" IS "news." News about a phenomenal woman from the United States. [ √ for the "news" part of the USN/P]

The main "root" of "her" personal story involves United States Politics (both old & new.) [ √ for the "political" part of the USN/P]

Her "gender" and the "obstacles" she faced [in relation to her passion for BBall] and the driving force of her desires for that particular sport as it related/es to the female gender, makes Pat's story a good contender for the Gender & Sexism Forum as well. [So a √ for the G&S board too.]

The new challenge she is now facing is a severe "medical" issue that can strike any of us at any time be it our own self or a family member.  A parent, grandparent, spouse, sibling or a 85 year old person's 59 year old child even.
The issue of Alzheimer's Disease can be suited for a number of Bnet Boards like "Caregiver Support" or "Coping" board.
Even the "Family & Parenting" board when we take into account those of us in the "Sandwich Generation" who are caring for Elderly parents who are stricken with this disease yet they are still raising their own [under 18] children, and/or college age children too. And in some cases they're raising their own grandchildren as well.

But to move this thread about the story of such a phenomenal woman like Patricia Head Summit to the "Sports" Board would be a waste of a number of good discussions from the various aspects of Pat Summit's whole Life Story IMHHO.

So says me, plain old MarySara.
[A member of the female gender. A woman who grew up before & after Title IX. Not a lover of BB of either genders. A Feminist woman as well as a politically astute person.  But who also happens to be a woman who is now the caretaker of a 92 year old grandmother who thankfully still has good mental health but who unfortunately has a 94 year old sister who suffers from Old Age Dementia. Which unlike Alzheimer's, the person still retains many of their life's memories, they still know who their family members are (which in a small way can be a comfort to family members) as compared to the latter which wipes everything out and devastates the whole family.]

So from all of the above, anyone can guess that my vote would be to leave the thread here.

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6 years ago  ::  Apr 28, 2012 - 12:14PM #5
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I will give you this.

She makes a very VERY strong case for (I cannot believe I am typing this), Title IX.

Now Title IX has run amuck and needs to regain its initial focus, but one cannot argue that Pat Summit took what was offered from Title IX and essentially created a national presence in an arena solely dominated by men before and made it an equal player.

If she were in sound mind, she could win the governorship in TN in a walk without any party affiliation.

And she would be fantastic, based on observation of her history.

Any man can count the seeds in an apple....
.......but only God can count the apples in the seeds.
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6 years ago  ::  Apr 30, 2012 - 9:44AM #6
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While her accomplishments are stellar, and ought to be applauded and emulated, she is not alone in her attitude towards student athletics.

A couple of years back, when my daughter began attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, my wife and I had occasion to take a guided tour of Memorial Stadium and the UNL athletic facilities.

While the group was queuing up for the tour, we waited in the lobby of the stadium.  There before us was a trophy case containing the four national football championships and off to our right was a room with a sign: "Heisman Trophies"

As I stood there I wondered how the tour would unfold. Would the guide start with the trophies, or finish with them?

When our guide arrived, he introduced himself and bid us to follow him.  We walked right past the national championships, past the Heisman room, and into a hall that seemed to run almost the length of the stadium.  On the wall were paintings, photos, and oil portraits of hundreds of people I didn't recognize.  These, we were told, were Nebraska's Academic All-Americans.  We learned that Nebraska holds the NCAA record for most Academic All-Americans, and that the athletic department enjoys a graduation rate higher than the university as a whole.  They have enjoyed these stats for over forty years. These are points of great pride at Nebraska.  The guide spent almost ten minutes of an hour-long tour explaining what it meant to be a student-athlete at UNL, with the emphasis on "student".

At no time on the tour did he ever mention the national championships or the Heisman trophies.  It was almost as if those trophies were merely incidental by-products of all this work.  Come to think of it, that is exactly the message they wanted to convey.  And what a terrific message it is.

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