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6 years ago  ::  Apr 23, 2012 - 10:06AM #1
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An interesting read and a good explanation of what is wrong with the European model of covert  political interference in Israel and why no nation should have put up with political interference from the outside. We in the Us do not stand for it. Why should anyone else?
It also explains how covert and semi-covert interference by Europe in Israeli politics is counter-productive (always assuming that the Europeans really want what they say they want).

Taking back our national sovereignty, again

In a recent meeting with European officials, diplomats, and journalists, I was asked why many Israelis (including me) criticized and resented their intense efforts to advance peace with the Palestinians and democracy for Israel.

The problem, I tried to explain, was not in the objectives, but rather in the ways that Europeans, in particular, have sought to impose and force their views on Israelis, often via secret processes that manipulate Israeli democracy.

As my inner Zionist took over, I launched into a passionate lecture on the centrality of restoring Jewish national sovereignty after 2,000 years of exile and dependence. I reminded them that after finally regaining our status as a free nation, the last thing that most of us want is to have foreign governments, with their own interests and perspectives, trying to manipulate Israel’s most important decisions, regardless of their good intentions.
. . .

In the years and decades following the 1967 war, European leaders began to seek instant solutions to the conflict.

Their peace plans promote the false narrative that automatically defines Palestinians as weak victims and refugees, while blaming Israeli policies, particularly settlements, for the ongoing violence.

While using international frameworks in the effort to impose policies based on this false premise, Europe (including non-EU members Norway and Switzerland) has used funding mechanisms to manipulate Israeli politics and society on a massive scale. Both tactics negate the core principle of national sovereignty.

By funneling tens of millions of euros or pounds every year to a small group of carefully selected Israeli political organizations, European officials are in effect rolling back Jewish self-determination. They operate without checks and balances, and fail to provide details even to their own parliamentary oversight committees, giving some anonymous officials immense power to determine Israel’s fate.
. . .

This creates a great deal of friction – telling Israelis that grants to Peace Now, B’Tselem, and similar groups are “for our own good” is condescending and counterproductive. Similarly, recent European Union reports on the most complex and sensitive issues such as Jerusalem and Jewish-Arab relations are also based on the claims of these NGOs, and include recommendations that, beyond being unworkable, become additional sources of tension between Israel and Europe. As in other democracies, Israelis make their political choices at the ballot box and through elected representatives, and do not need outsiders to intervene in these processes.

. . .
For Israelis, making the wrong decision on war, peace and security is often a matter of life or death. If our elected officials make mistakes, we have ourselves to blame. In contrast, how many European officials involved in attempts to dictate these decisions to Israelis will lose sleep, their jobs or their lives if it turns out that they were wrong?
. . .
However much they may disagree with our decisions, these remain our responsibility as a sovereign and equal member of the international community

full article:
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