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6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2012 - 2:38AM #1
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I suspect that many have either forgotten the 'conflict' discussed in the aticle below, or perhaps are not aware of it.

has-us-forgotten-lessons-of-its first war with iran

Now the article is a bit misleading because we did not actually fight a 'war' against Ian...well, our navy sort of did since we did for all intents sink the Iranian navy... but our army was not involved...directly.

The point of the article is that whereas we Americans may not consider this to be important, Iran sure does. Now I remember this very well. And I vividly recal the prevailing opinion within the army which can be simply stated as....

"we should sell ammunition to both sides and pray for heavy casualties and hope both sides lose and lose badly."

Some may recall that before we went to war against Iraq in 1991 many media types were prattling about that 'battle hardened Republican Guard' that was expert in dessert fighting and oh dear, oh dear, what will happen to our troops in the dessert...oh dear, oh dear...... We of course knew exactly what was going to happen. We army officers, speaking just of my own service, knew very well that the force we had trained and equipped to fight the Red army in Europe was going to anihilate the of course we did! The idiot media types thought that what Iraq had learned from fighting Iran would matter...well, if it was fighting another Iran, maybe.

Anyway, Iran does have reason to not like us very much, and the same goes for Iraq. And part of that is, I'm sure, due to what has to be the fact that both countries know that we...particularly those of us who have had direct contact...don't like them verry much either.

So read the article with this in mind. And also keep in mind that my son, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and his friends, and mine, dislike Iraq only a little less than they dislike Afghanistan, and nobody has anything good to say about Iran. And that, I submit, might just be a dangerous thing.

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6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2012 - 10:48AM #2
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Ah, yes......My husband was the 1st Sgt of his unit when they were sent to the Gulf in '90.  Since the CO's wife went AWOL (don't ask!) and the EX was a 25 y/o single woman, I was nominally 'it' for Family Support. LOL!  With my infant son and a newly de-bunioned 'clutch' foot and a standard shift car, only 50 miles from base - I could do 'phone support', however....

I got many calls from assorted "dependants", at least half of whom were anxious parents not too many years older than I was.  Many of them were anxious about their child being part of a unit of Reservists, what could *they* (Reservists) know!!!!   To allay one mother's fears I explained to her that the CO had been in Viet Nam  - and that the 1st Sgt had 10 years of active-duty experience including a stint in the 82nd Abn (considered one of the toughest divisions!)  AND one in the 25th Div as well ........As opposed to less than 4 years in service for the average line troop in the 82nd or most units.

To which she replied "Omigawd, they're sending our kids over there with old men in charge!" 

My tart reply was "He's not ALL that old OR feeble yet,  Ma'am:  that noise you're hearing is his 9 month old son".....

The husband celebrated his 41st birthday the very day his unit got home from......'The Longest Weeekend'  as their specially designed unit shirt described it.  He was by far NOT the oldest troop:  that distinction belonged to another NCO who shared his birthday and turned 58 that day.


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6 years ago  ::  Apr 12, 2012 - 11:00AM #3
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It's indeed difficult to decide who I like less between the Iranian and Iraqi governments.  I think the Iraqis have an edge on creuelty and viciousness, though - and aggressiveness.

If Iran had not invaded US territory - taking over our embassy and holding its personnel hsotage for over a year!  - we may have been willing to try working with them (as indeed the Israelis at the time advised) against Iraq, which clearly had expansionist ambitions.



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