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6 years ago  ::  Mar 19, 2012 - 12:33AM #1
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Warning: Muslims have a sense of humour and we'll be using it

The last year has been no laughing matter in the Middle East. But its epic events - especially its use of peaceful protest and national unity as resources towards building self-determination - have made the wider world realise that Muslims are not as alien as they might have thought.

Amid the darkest moments, the world also saw another glimpse of the universal humanity of Muslims - through comedy. Reuters reported that before his death, eastern Libya was full of anti-Qaddafi humour. Graffiti showed the colonel in a Superman costume with a dollar sign instead of an "S" on his chest. Another showed him in a dustbin labelled "history". A particularly damning cartoon urged him to "surrender himself to the 'national council of hairdressers'".

It's a secret that needs to be let out: Muslims have a deep-rooted sense of humour and are not afraid to use it.

Examples:  In an entirely unscientific poll of friends, tweeps and Facebook fans, I asked what the funniest things were that they had been asked as Muslims. While wearing a pink headscarf one woman was asked: "Why do Muslim women wear black all the time?"

A rather baffling question that is often put to Muslims - who generally belong to quite sociable communities - is: "If you don't drink, how do you meet people?"

And what is one to make of the question: "Is it true that light green is the official colour of Al Qaeda?"

Perhaps my favourite of all time, is: "Now that you're engaged, will you have a forced marriage?"

In a time when we hear/read so much bad news happening in the Middle East it is refreshing for me to read about Muslims and their sense of humor.  We really are one people on this planet, and maybe humor will help us to understand one another a little better. 

More at the link.
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