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Switch to Forum Live View Telepathy and Many Other Things Are Real and Used by the Elite to Keep Their Satanic Position!
7 years ago  ::  Jul 17, 2011 - 3:51AM #1
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You may be effected by this, you may work to supress the truth of it, you might think you know it all a say that's not true, but those in power certainly do know!

and so please read the below text, 

The drugs the pigs in charge use are not only used to keep you dumb. They also are at times there to help your mind be more suseptable, know and be aware people!

As for those involoved, To the kings and Queens of this earth that do not oppose- You are all santanic and unfit to be where you are!

To the scientists involved you are all traitors to mankind, and belong in prison!

To those in the religious communities that know and do nothing, you are a disgrace in the extreme!

To the cults that are very involved, your days are number big time!!!!

It is time for humanity to be free of this horror!

As for me it's just another sick disgusting horror I'll put up with!

Tho they may try and smash my mind and control me, I say Good luck trying!

Better believe times are going to change!

And as for all the disgusting idiots currently involved in this horror, to prison you are going, it might take 30 years, but that is your future!!!

and mankind is to be free of this insane horror! and the disgusting monsters that run it!

To the Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sheiks, Hindus, Buddhist, humanist in the scientific community as well as the legal officials and governmental workers that are also either religious or humanist, along with anyone else that cares for mankind- I call on you Today to oppose this nightmare! And Choose freedom and so God and Gods desire for his children!

A struggle ahead,

To those effected by this horror, I ask you to be honest, to oppose also and to be patient your freedom will come!


 They rule by illusions, in a world of light there are no illusions at all, for all is seen, this is not a joke, telepath is real as are many other things, the sick pigs incharge are using it to increase their control and powers over those they rule over, they are all santanic and this is too end. 

To those that are ignorant, "you were born in a cave, and kept stupid, educated to be stupid, born into slavery, into a prison cave illusion, plato spoke of it, it's nothing new, but it is to end"  Knowledge  is power they tell themselves so your all kept in the dark, in a world of light, you'll be kept in the light. peace! A time to stand!


Isaiah 58 "Is this not the type of fast that pleases me?.....

To break the unjust fetters,
and undo the throngs of the Yoke.
To let the oppressed go free,
and break every yoke.

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7 years ago  ::  Jul 17, 2011 - 3:56AM #2
Posts: 440

No this is not a joke! This a time for people to learn the truth and stand for their freedom!


As God lives this telepathic head screwing horror is to end, and all those that use it, are to be removed!


Change is gonna come!

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