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7 years ago  ::  May 02, 2011 - 1:17PM #201
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And you accept stuff written by people who work for Lyndon LaRouche's organization as factual and reliable.....  I see.

There's no such thing as a Lyndon LaRouche organization. There's a Lyndon LaRouche movement which has parties from all sectors.

Dreyfuss worked at a Magazine which was part of LaRouche's publishing press Benjamin Franklin House. However he does not work there no longer and this doesn't discredit him.

And anyone near an American administration's views must be wrong because.....????

The Americans like Israelis are not honest negotiators, that is a fact.

The unilateral declaration is a good way to bypass American and Israeli beligerance.

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7 years ago  ::  May 03, 2011 - 10:17AM #202
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Apr 15, 2011 -- 12:08PM, rocketjsquirell wrote:

I thought that those of you who think that unilateral action or the "creation" of a Palestinain State by the UN without negotiations is a good thing might benefit from reading this article. Read it, and let me know what you think. Is your mind changed?

The Palestinians’ mistake in seeking statehood from the U.N.

In almost two decades of working on Arab-Israeli negotiations as a State Department adviser and negotiator, I’ve come up with more than my fair share of dumb ideas. But the notion Palestinians are cooking up, for U.N. action on Palestinian statehood this fall, takes dumb to a new level.

Yet another resolution won’t deliver Palestinians a state or even bring them closer to one. The result will be the opposite of what the Palestinians want: forcing the United States to oppose Palestinians’ efforts, energizing Congress to restrict much-needed assistance to Palestinian institution-building, and probably prompting Israel to do very real (and dumb) things on the ground.
. . .

What Palestinians hope to achieve from their latest efforts, however, is unclear — a campaign to recognize Palestine and lay the groundwork for admission to the United Nations, or merely to pressure Israel and the United States to get serious in negotiations?

Maybe it’s the last, because negotiations are the only possible path to statehood. That they can’t deliver now is no reason to embrace ideas that won’t work and that will leave Palestinians worse off than they already are.

. . .

First, a paper resolution, even one with monitoring and the threat of some collective action against Israel if no movement is made toward statehood, won’t produce a state. In fact, a U.N. campaign for statehood will reflect Palestinian weakness, not resolve. The Palestinian national movement today is divided; there are no guarantees that Hamas would support a U.N. campaign. The Palestinian Authority doesn’t control Gaza, most of the West Bank or its putative capital in East Jerusalem. An empty resolution in New York will score points where it doesn’t count and reflect a lack of capacity where it does — on the ground. Hamas gets more attention from Israel through its rockets than the Palestinians have gotten from their resolutions.

Second, actions produce reactions. No matter how artful and skillful the U.N. campaign is, the United States will almost certainly oppose it. Washington will veto the resolution in the Security Council. While it can’t block resolutions in the General Assembly, the United States won’t concede either the principle of declaring statehood outside of negotiations or marshaling international pressure against Israel.

. . .

Third, there’s Israel, which is worried about isolation and de-legitimatization and very concerned about the Palestinian campaign. Time and again, however, the Israelis have shown that they will defy rather than submit to international pressure. Anti-Israeli resolutions at the United Nations will give Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a perfect issue to rally support and to claim (yet again) that Israel has no partner with which to make peace.
. . .

full article here:


Edit to correct link (two days it wouldn't open for me).


>>>>>>>>>> This is a simple issue.

Even during George W Bush, Israel, US and Palestinians agreed on a "Two state solution" to this problem. If one of the two states is Israel the other has to be Palestine. Israeli administration already agreed on it. So if UN and other international bodies take steps to make it reality, I do not see why some Israeli supporters are so "Afraid" of their own commitment.

It is interesting to note that, Israel often blames Hamas for not accepting Israel. Sadly it is acting exactly like Hamas by not accepting Palestine but (Interestingly) want to "Neogotiate" peace with the state they do not accept!!

No wonder many are suspicious about Israeli commitment to peace in the holy land. This "Double talk" has been haunting peace process for many years.

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7 years ago  ::  May 03, 2011 - 10:30AM #203
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May 2, 2011 -- 10:38AM, KindredSai wrote:



As cited by the existing UN protocols and the Geneva Convention, individual deeds are not needed for the land. The land belongs to the State.


Oh, wow, that's good to know.


Please inform the former Arab owner of the land that he was not, in fact, the owner of the land, and furthermore, apparently, no Arab in Yesha owns his land.


I'm sure they'll be glad to hear the news.


In between mourning over Osama Bin Laden.






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7 years ago  ::  May 04, 2011 - 1:53PM #204
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Apr 17, 2011 -- 3:05PM, Mlyons619 wrote:

So you don't want anyone else to read what the other side has to say, BDboy?  Nope, we wouldn't want anybody to know the otehr side's point of view.  Yup, that what propagandists usually say...


>>>>>>>> I have been here long enough to read everything possible under the sun. BTW, I did read the article.

Now going back to the topic. Palestinians have been seeking recongnition from Israel and the US for years. US gave a technical recongnition but could not execute it because of domestic politics.

So finally they turned to UN again. I think we should encourage them to ask for their rights peacefully and the world should listen to it. It is a mostly political problem that requires political solution.

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