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Switch to Forum Live View Citing Quran-Burning Threat, Islamic Body Wants U.N. to Outlaw ‘Offenses Against Religion’
8 years ago  ::  Oct 01, 2010 - 5:23PM #101
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Oct 1, 2010 -- 3:41PM, mytmouse57 wrote:

Sep 30, 2010 -- 3:31PM, loveontheair wrote:

Sep 30, 2010 -- 2:28PM, mytmouse57 wrote:

Sep 30, 2010 -- 1:45PM, loveontheair wrote:

Sep 28, 2010 -- 10:39PM, Ken wrote:

Sep 28, 2010 -- 9:38PM, mytmouse57 wrote:

Both cultures can learn from one another, IMO.

The West has nothing to learn from Islam. Islamic civilization is a failed civilization.




I absolutely agree. Couldn't have said it better. However, Persians did give us the best pistachios and Persian rugs.



I've known many Persians. And typically, they were urbane, sophisticated, well-cultured, with impeciable manners and a grace that would make many Westerners seem like hooting rednecks.

It's really too bad that ignorance and prejudice aren't painful.




You're right. Most of the Persians I know are very articulate. The ones I know all have advanced degrees and business owners. My friends brother is a Mensa. Unlike Arabs.






Mytmouse57 said...

"So, you dig yourself out of one hole, and jump into another. Arabs are quite civilized as well, at least the ones I have known. And not all Muslims are Persian or Arab. Not by a long shot".


That's your opinion. I wasn't making a general statement. I wasn't addressing Muslims. I wasn't addressing Arabs. I was specifically addressing Persians. Persians do not like Arabs--for a variety of reasons.



Good works will never produce faith, but faith will always produce good works. loveontheair
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8 years ago  ::  Oct 08, 2010 - 3:15PM #102
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Libertarian, Conservative, Life member of the NRA and VFW
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8 years ago  ::  Oct 08, 2010 - 6:48PM #103
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Howdy BDboy

Sep 30, 2010 -- 2:22PM, BDboy wrote:

An idiot burning a Qur'an does not do anything special.

If it doesn't do anything specialk then there is nothing for Muslim to get upset about. 

It isn't even the Quran that gets burned but only a translation of the Quran that gets burned. 



Sep 30, 2010 -- 2:22PM, BDboy wrote:

 But what interests me is HOW anyone connects the Qur'an with 9-11. It is a result of amazing distortion of mainstream "Rating hungry" media who always trying to "Sexing" up news.

Well let me see if I can quelll your interests. 

Do you agree or disagree that the United States is at war with Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan to steal their oil and natural resources and to kill innocent men, women and children?

Do you agree or disagree that the United States should not be supporting the dictatorship of King Faisal in the Homeland of Modern Isalm and the Birthplace of the Prophet by having its military on its sacred soil? 

Do you aree or disagree that it if it wasn't for the, political, financial and military support of the  United States the Zionist Occupation of Islamic Palestine and the genocide of innocent men, women and children would not be possible?


Because if you agree to any one of these then the United States is at war with Islam.  That the United States is a "Dar al Harab".   Do you agree or disagree? 




Sep 30, 2010 -- 2:22PM, BDboy wrote:

One can blame extreamists of many faith for problems of our world but we ought to be careful before we start blaming religion for these issues. personally I feel it is just the opposite.

The extremists of the Islamic faith are to blame for 9/11 as well as many, many other similar incidents.  Just as the extremists of other religions are to blame for their religions.


Sep 30, 2010 -- 2:22PM, BDboy wrote:

 It is an accute lack of religious knowledge among average people that is making the mess we are in. You can ask any average Christian about basics of their faith and most will fail. Muslims are no different.

"Atheists and agnostics, Jews and Mormons are among the highest-scoring groups on a new survey of religious knowledge, outperforming evangelical Protestants, mainline Protestants and Catholics on questions about the core teachings, history and leading figures of major world religions.

Atheists and Jews Know More About World Religions


Sep 30, 2010 -- 2:22PM, BDboy wrote:

Therefore, Qur'an burning should be considered a "hate crime" and there are laws against it. I am not so sure if any UN resolution will add anything extra. Rather if religious leaders start working as a team to prevert such stupidity from any religious community will be a better solution.

There are no laws against burning a Quran or any other religious scripture.  Burning such a scripture is no more a hate crime than burning an american flag or carrying signs saying "DEATH TO AMERICAN".  

There are non-binding resolutions that have passed in the UN.  

But let me ask you BDboy: 

If you had your way and burning a Quran or a Translation of a Quran was to be made a hate crime what would you make the punishment?


Sep 30, 2010 -- 2:22PM, BDboy wrote:

It is happening already. It brought many faith communities closer to do some "Good deed" to replace idiotic deeds initiated by few. Many Christian preachers read from the Qur'an in the church as a symbolic protest. I am sure common sense of common sense of American people will prevail at the end.


 How many Christian  have read the Quran in their churches? 

In Afghanistan

""It is the duty of Muslims to react," said Mohammad Mukhtar, a cleric and candidate for the Afghan parliament in the Sept. 18 election. "When their holy book Quran gets burned in public, then there is nothing left. If this happens, I think the first and most important reaction will be that wherever Americans are seen, they will be killed. No matter where they will be in the world they will be killed."

In the United States: 

"At least two dozen Christian churches, Jewish temples and Muslim organizations in the city have mobilized to plan inclusive events — some will read from the Quran at their own weekend services."


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8 years ago  ::  Oct 15, 2010 - 3:28PM #104
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The US has been "Dar al Harab" since the days of the Barbary Pirates.

The shagging UN should butt out of our free speech issues. If not they should leave NY.

Pity they were not destroyed on 9-11.

For those who have faith, no explanation is neccessary.
For those who have no faith, no explanation is possible.

St. Thomas Aquinas

If one turns his ear from hearing the Law, even his prayer is an abomination. Proverbs 28:9
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