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4 years ago  ::  Aug 09, 2010 - 8:23PM #1
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Welcome to the US News & Politics forum.  This board is specifically for discussion of and debate about issues relating to the United States, and the political ramifications of these issues.

This is by design a contentious board. Discussing and debating politics always is contentious and people tend to have strongly held views. This is fine. It is expected. We not only accept this but want it because this will keep this board dynamic and timely.

BUT...  disagreeing without becoming disagreeable is an absolute necessity here! You will find others here with whom you do not agree; please be courteous to them, even if you find their political views offensive. You are invited to make your case or refute other views, but please focus on discussing ideas and do not make negative comments about other members. Ideas, opinions, positions, interpretations, etc., are all totally fair game for verbal shredding. Individuals are not!

There are a few topics which do not belong on this board. To discuss abortion, please visit Abortion Debate. To discuss news and politics related to the Middle East, please visit Middle East News & PoliticsTo discuss issues that relate to other countries, or the world in general and not just the United States, please visit World News & Politics.

Links are NOT required in support of new threads or posts. BUT, if information is said to be based on a source, then that source should be provided and linked to. Also, do not just post a link. Always add some comment of your own supporting the link.

To avoid having your posts removed, please read the Rules of Conduct before posting.  It is also important to avoid quoting a post that breaks the rules. When that happens and the post that violated one of the Rules of Conduct  is removed, posts that quote or refer to the removed post end up being removed as well.

And if you have any questions, send a private message to any of us and we'll do our best to answer your questions. That's a very important part of our job as board moderators and hosts.

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3 years ago  ::  Sep 05, 2011 - 12:29PM #2
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Please remember that the only place on this forum where Beliefnet-related technical complaints or questions can be posted is the Got Questions!??? - We Got Answers! thread.  Complaints or questions posted anywhere else will be removed.

You can also post about tech issues, and raise questions, on the Beliefnet Knowledgebase Group.  The group is open to everyone; it's a good place to compare notes with fellow members.

And, as ever, you can always email your tech questions and complaints to the Beliefnet_community profile or to community@beliefnetstaff.com.

We are listening! Problems, complaints, other issues? Send us a message at Beliefnet_community.
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