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8 years ago  ::  May 10, 2010 - 10:09PM #1
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For those who are fascinated with the concept of the ancient "gods" and the global ancient ruins, these two video series are for you.  They document ruins that I had no idea exist and have you ever stopped to consider how the interior of the great pyramids were illuminated?  Hint:  they did not use torches.

Ancient Aliens - The Mission 2010 1/10

Ancient Aliens 2012 part 1/9 HD


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7 years ago  ::  Jan 20, 2011 - 1:19PM #2
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I have seen every episode of Ancient Aliens and find it quite fascinating. I would encourage anybody to watch it.

To be honest, I'm the last person you would call skeptical; however, some of the ideas presented are even too radical for my liking. It seems like much of their "evidence" is just created to explain things from the past that we don't yet understand. I'm sure I could find more evidence to support some of their theories, too, if I truly believed so much that aliens did visit us in the past. However, that wouldn't make my evidence reliable; I could easily apply myths and stories to create "true" facts that aliens had visited us.

That being said, I do agree with some of their theories. In my personal opinion, and that's all I have, much of the evidence they present to us is clearly not just a silly idea to just blow off. In fact, many things they speak about cannot be explained without intervention as humans could not know or create such things.

I truly believe aliens have visited us in the past and are currently visiting us. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a government coverup because I believe citizens would be scared and may even produce riots out of fear. The terror instilled in humans during the radio airing of War of the Worlds when listeners did not realize it was a fictional story proves that. Granted, that was years ago, but fear of extra-terrestrials still exists simply because we don't understand their nature or why they are visiting us. Even I have an irrational fear, which may be silly, but I'm not the only human to feel this way.

I'm not a fan of government coverups, which is why I'm viewing this particular forum in the first place. (However, a lot of the conspiracy theories I have read are simply not logical.) This coverup would be completely logical, in my personal opinion. Like I mentioned before, a personal opinion is all I have, and I would love to hear viewpoints of those who don't agree with me. There is some basic and vague evidence to suggest that aliens have visited, but I encourage anybody who doesn't feel the same to share his or her opinion as I would truly enjoy reading it. I like to learn from others, and I know that a large amount of our population would completely disagree with me and perhaps even laugh.

Back to the topic, I honestly wouldn't be angry if the government was covering this up to some extent. While I do wish they would admit that there are things in the sky that they simply cannot explain by science rather than blame weather balloons, I don't feel that it's necessary for any of the world governments to give us all of the facts they know at this point in time. I understand any hesitation on their part. People would be scared, dumbfounded, and may cause riots. Maybe the government will eventually speak more openly about what they know or don't know. We don't even know if they have any facts as to why we're being visited, so there's no point in sharing something that they have not been able to explain just yet. In that case, I would assume that more research would need to be done (and I personally believe it is) before giving us vague and potentially terrifying information.

Forgive me, as I haven't seen the episode "The Mission" since it first aired and I don't remember all of the theories presented so I may be a little off here. I simply cannot back this up with any logic, nor can I even assume that extra-terrestrials are here to take over earth. If that were their mission, why wouldn't they have done so already since they seem to have much greater technology than we do? If that were their mission, why would they assist us in building many of these ancient monuments and share their greater technological advances as ancient alien supporters suggest? The idea of this being their mission doesn't quite add up.

Like I said, I'm not as skeptical as I should be. I'm actually pretty gullible when it comes to this stuff, which I know is certainly a huge flaw. I just can't jump on this particular bandwagon because it sounds a lot like radical beliefs backed up with facts that believers are trying to find to prove their ideas are correct. I just can't believe that some of the opinions of the believers on this show are backed up by true logic.

That being said, Ancient Aliens is a very interesting show whether you believe in the ideas presented or not. I'd recommend it to anybody as it gives a lot to think about.

If anybody disagrees with me, I would love to hear your take on this idea, whether you believe the ancient alien theory completely or if you don't believe in alien visitors at all.

I really apologize for the long post. This is just a topic that I'm incredibly interested in and I couldn't stop myself!

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