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8 years ago  ::  Dec 08, 2009 - 10:10AM #31
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Dec 7, 2009 -- 11:37AM, nnsecu wrote:

Dec 7, 2009 -- 11:16AM, Jasr wrote:

Dec 6, 2009 -- 8:36PM, MilesB wrote:

Dec 5, 2009 -- 12:28PM, Mlyons619 wrote:

I'm sorry about indian businesses, but the fact of the matter is TOBACCO KILLS, and lawmakers have my vote to restrict its sale and distribution as much as possible.

They to not have the right to tax another nation. It seems this is forgotten on your opinion. Also, it's not taxing but preventing the use of the US Postal service because they can't tax it.

Pardon me if this is a stupid question, Miles, but couldn't the Indian businesses just switch to UPS?


The government has already come to a voluntary agreement with UPS, FED EX, and DHL that they would not ship un taxed tobacco.  The shipping argument is really only a smoke screen.  The true issue is that NY wants to go back on treaties and start collecting TAX revenue on Indian tobacco.  They are using the USPS as the strong arm part of the mob mentality our government tends to use to get its way.

2 Senators' elections ride on the behalf of american indian tribes in their states. They are helping to not let this pass.

Already there's talk of financing Republicans or withholding money. I see the GLBT community is doing the same. It would seem the Democrats aren't playing their cards right and may lose a good bit in 2012.

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