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8 years ago  ::  Oct 31, 2009 - 2:26AM #1
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Ayad Gharbawi


April 23, 2009 - Damascus


Every day we hear of corruption with governments, politicians, banks, corporations and among private individuals. It has become routine to the point of obscenity.

Banks get bankrupt and then politicians pump them with billions of dollars (or any currency of the nation involved) and then, over some time, the dehydrated banks are brought back to life. After so many years in time, another crash occurs and the same thing occurs all over again.

It is truly incredible to see this awful banking phenomenon happening - as it did in 2008. The simple fact of the matter is that banks were behaving irresponsibly by giving loans to people who were not exactly the type you would grant a loan to in the first place. They were a risky asset to invest in. There were no legal controls or regulations to put a brake on these bank loans and so they accumulated debts over time.

Politicians and the relevant legislative institutions were simply not interested to create any laws that would control these loans.

Then the bubble inevitably burst!

The debtors could not pay back the banks, and the latter ended up being bankrupt. The banks next turned to their respective governments for a bailout and they did indeed receive fresh money.

In the automobile industry in America, the same thing happened. The fact is that US cars cannot compete with Japanese, German or South Korean cars. Did the auto industry try to change their car models in any way? No they did not. They continued mass producing the same gas guzzling, mechanically inferior cars when they knew that common sense told any clear headed buyer not buy American. Sales were low and then the banking crises occurred, which in turn, negatively affect consumption, since people had less money to spare. Results?

Car companies went bankrupt!

All too predictable.

In the agriculture industries, every few years you hear of an outbreak of some animal-related life-threatening disease.

Governments will try to hide up the uncomfortable subject but then just as fatalities begin to occur, they are forced to act. So they 'force' farmers to clean up their act and you eventually see the disease controlled. Some people say that these diseases occur because animals are themselves dirty and so disease is inevitable. That is simply wrong. The simple fact is that farmers, like any other business, seek to reduce costs. How can they do that in the agriculture industry? In two ways.

First, they deal with the living conditions of the animals. They reduce the space given for the animals. Next, they reduce the hygiene factor for the animals and that reduces costs. So they reduce costs and they ensure that they have the dubious advantage of increasing the number of animals per square metre or foot. Second, they choose not to feed their animals with the proper, required food and instead they give them the cheaper 'foods' like offal, waste, leftovers, or chemicals that act as so-called 'substitutes' for food. Over time, what results can we expect? Disease, of course! And soon that disease is passed on to the consumers which just happens to be us humans.

Once the disease is controlled, governments allow the farmers in question to go back to their old ways of reducing costs, increasing profits and all at the expense of the public.

Take the pharmaceutical industry.

Again, every so often, we hear of a certain drug or medication that is actually harmful to humans. The company in question will strenuously deny the charges until they are proven to be liars and they then duly pay legal costs along with compensation costs. The drug is withdrawn but that is it. That is the extent to which the situation has changed. Within time, another scandal occurs and the sordid cycle resumes with the appearance of another harmful drug or medication.

So what is going on here?

The problem is that governments are simply not willing to change the laws in order to prevent these life threatening scandals. Yes, they will mildly 'punish' the company in question and that will be the limit of the change involved.

The truth is that there are no proper and effective laws that restrain and regulate any of these industries.

It is not just the Internet that is an unregulated zone; most of our industries are unregulated and that allows the CEO's of companies to do as they wish.


Because no politician or presiding government will seek to fight against these industries. These basic, vital infrastructure industries pour vital amounts of money into political parties and politicians themselves. They are the blood of Western style democracies and so which politician or government will risk cutting off their own blood supply?

                                   Ayad Gharbawi

Ayad Gharbawi
Damascus, Syria
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8 years ago  ::  Oct 31, 2009 - 7:24AM #2
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So what is your solution?  More government control by corrupt governments that are run by corrupt men.  Corporate corruption is a world problem, not exclusively Western.  Pointing out another's shadow keeps us from looking at our own.

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8 years ago  ::  Nov 02, 2009 - 5:48PM #3
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I wonder about these comments coming form a country where there's a state-owned publishing house that has never let 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' run out of print.

And where the 'Defense Minister' has written a book "the Matza of Zion", which attempts to 'prove' a blood libel charge againsts the Jews of 1840 Damascus.  (For those who don't know the term, 'blood libel' is claiming that Jewish people use the blood of Christians or Muslims to make matzo,  the unleavened bread eaten at Passover)

I'm just curious how 'corporate corruption' is supposed to be worse than institutionalized ritual hatred by a nation's government? 

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8 years ago  ::  Nov 18, 2009 - 12:49PM #4
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Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely...

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8 years ago  ::  Nov 28, 2009 - 12:40PM #5
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After hearing about the economic problems in Dubai I hope you realize corporate corruption is world wide. Quit blaming the west! 

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