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Banquets are held to celebrate the New Year, the Moon festival, weddings, and other special occasions. Each event is associated with particular treats-filled moon cakes for the Moon Festival or new year's pudding, for example-but there are also many common characteristics and ceremonies involved. A banquet acquires much of its festive character through 2 elements: the release from someday eating customs (usually those that impose restraint ) and the exaggeration of others. At a banquet, for example, rice doesn't need to be treated as the center of the meal, but the respectful interaction between guest and host, a commonplace, must be performed with extra gusto.

Neither beverages nor dessert are commonly served with a meal. People drink tea nearly all day, but at meals soup is usually the only liquid provided. At special events there may be wine or liquor, but the water that westerner drink with their meals is never present. Sweet foods are usually reserved for special events, where they are served between courses, or for small meals at tea houses.

That's so difference from the west. So does the thoughts. We are different from the American in dealing with the matter. Our country is not enough strong to absorb the talents from all the world like America. However, even if the country becomes strong we can never interfere other countries' affairs to achieve own purpose. Like treating Hongzhi Li's affair.

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very interesting harmony

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