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9 years ago  ::  Jul 30, 2009 - 10:04AM #1
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The gentle sounds from the world outside comforts me.  They may be muffled, but they're mine.  I am the Master of My Realm. 

All the great works of the World have been revealed to me.  My sight stems from my heart. 
Unconditional Love envelops me, showing all the possibilities my Future has to offer.  Independence pulses through my blood; a trait I've heard that I share with my Ancestors. 
I know of Success, and of Failures.  The Light within me burns bright.  I am anxious to show them all what I can do. 
My Angel told me to be patient and kind, for no one would understand my messages at first; although I have NO CLUE how this Love I feel could ever be misunderstood.

With the confidence and fire all ready to go, my change now begins.
The comfort flows away from me.  This isn't exactly what I expected.
The Love that has embraced me, is now rejecting me. 
Under pressures I cannot stand.
Change is Hard.
What is this Love that causes such pain?
My Mind and body is now under immense strain!  My heart now races, my chest now contracts.  And Now
I see the Light.
I Scream out INDEPENDENCE!  They hear naught but cries.
This new Love that I feel, Devine.  Just a bit different than before.

Then darkness falls as my Heart stops.  I hear Mom's shrieks and shrills.
My Angel appears beside me, as my body stills.  The doctors work upon me, but I am not Afraid.
My Angel whispers to me "Don't forget the Plan we've made."
As My Angel fades away, I take a brand new breath, For the Ideals of Which I Stand.
Bourne In Independence!
Bourne in Love!

This is a poem about a birth of a child.  I wonder if we truly have the answers to life, and as we grow, we lose that insight and intuitive thought to be replaced with haftas and gottas.  What do you think??

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