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9 years ago  ::  Jul 05, 2009 - 9:44PM #1
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I have written a journal entry that could possibly be controversial.  However, I would like for people to read it and give me their ideas.  The title is called "Greatest Country in the World?".   Please give me your comments on this entry. thank you.

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9 years ago  ::  Jul 09, 2009 - 9:46AM #2
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Dear Jamie,

I read your journal entry, asking if it is appropriate for us--Americans--to call our nation the greatest on Earth. You asked for responses, so I hope you will believe that my response is quite sincere:

The basic question--is our nation the greatest?--presupposes that there is some uniform definition for greatness. Not so. A nation may be great in geographic size or population... it may be great in military or economic power... it may be great in science, the arts, and education... or it may be great in its devotion to justice.

I don't think the question is meaningful without some consensus on how we define greatness.

But most of your essay was a lament on what is wrong with America, and most of it (according to you) involves your sense that we are not sufficiently Christian. Oh? We are the most Bible-besotted nation on Earth. Most politicians know that they have to make loud religious noises when they are running for election. Our Constitution explicitly forbids religious tests or qualifications for public office, but it has been estimated that it would be easier for an openly practicing homosexual to be elected president than an avowed atheist.

Jamie, you really need to learn more about American history, from sources other than Focus on the Family or whatever other fundamentalist source is filling your head with false information about the Founding Fathers and the basis of our Constitution. Some of the founders of this nation were Christians but many were deists; and their thinking clearly reflects the ideas of the Age of Reason, not the Bible. Notwithstanding what you seem to believe, the Bible was not the basis of our Constitution, and this nation was founded on secular rather than theocratic principles.

How can anyone read the Constitution--which contains not one word about God, Jesus, or the Bible--and still believe that its authors and signatories designed it to be Bible-based? The answer, sadly, is that people believe anything they want to believe.

Jamie, the problems facing America are huge and real--and many of those problems were brought about or worsened by politicians who yammered on endlessly about their faith in God and Jesus and the Bible. Your concern for America seems very heartfelt, and I share that concern. But if you really want to help, you will have to learn some basic truths about American history in place of the revisionist history--that is, the hogwash--offered up by fundamentalist bloggers and bloviators.

You asked for responses, and now you have mine. You may not like it, but I hope you will at least consider it seriously.






I prayed for deliverance from the hard world of facts and logic to the happy land where fantasy and prejudice reign. But God spake unto me, saying, "No, keep telling the truth," and to that end afflicted me with severe Trenchant Mouth. So I'm sorry for making cutting remarks, but it's the will of God.
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9 years ago  ::  Jul 09, 2009 - 10:44AM #3
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Dear Jamie, yawn..... afraid I've heard it all before..... from the typical revisionists who would rewrite history into what they would LIKE it to be rather than what it is.

You may want to check into the UN-Constitutional "Constitution Party"..... They would like to establish a Christian theocracy because they also suffer under the completely WRONG fallacy that America is a Christian Nation. The only amendment in our Bill of Rights they favor is the second... Never mind the rest of the Bill of Rights, as long as you can carry your gun and everyone's a flag waving Christian, then all will be right with the world! (sarcasm)

Of course, in the alternate universe of wingnutverse, if the UnConstitution Party get's its way, our prisons would be even more crowded. America would no longer have time to create cool software apps, our  primary business would be criminal justice and prison management.... Since the majority of criminals and prisoners are Christian, and since a Christian THEOCRACY, which is what the Constitutional Party favors, and is hardly Constitutional, will probably outlaw everything.

It won't surprise me one bit when Bible Spice... er, I mean the FORMER Gov. Palin hooks up with the un-Constitution Party. They better reflect her myopic, narrow, small minded world view and the GOP is finally coming to its senses.

Tribalism, ethnocentricism, racism, nationalism, and FEAR is the Mind Killer... >:(

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9 years ago  ::  Jul 12, 2009 - 6:18PM #4
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On the statue of liberty is says bring us your huddled masses, not your Christian huddled masses. It's high time that Christian thought and actions would act more in the ways of Christ, rather than preaching about Christ.

Christianity in this country has gotten so extreme that there remains little difference in tollerance between the Christian and other people of faith in this country; and, non-cecular nations of Islam and how they feel about us "infadel's". In otherwords, there is a fine line in insisting that all peoples must bow down to their one paticular version of "God", and the elimination of peoples that do not agree. 

And THAT Jamie, was what America was founded upon. Not a national religion, but tolerance of ALL religions, and the individuals right, nay, inailiable right, to choose.

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