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Locked: A world built on materialism...
9 years ago  ::  Aug 21, 2009 - 11:26PM #31
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Materialism is what Obama wants.  He says Americans aren't spending enough.  So he gave us Cash for Clunkers so people will buy new cars and spend more.

Keynesian economics is for spending.    The purpose for taxes is not to pay for spending, but to increase the base income needed for loans.   We can't borrow more unless we have a higher tax base.   The purpose of materialism is to borrow as much as possible to spend as much as possible.

Americans save too much.  It's all their fault.  Thankfully, we have a wise president who will spend as much as possible for anything he can think of, regardless of what people think.  Those who still believe in old fashioned frugality are just misers who spread lies to prevent more spending.

It's clear Americans just aren't bright enough to spend more, so the government has to step in and do the spending for us.   Government knows best.   They know what we need to spend on.    That's what materialism is all about.  Spnd, spend and spend faster and faster.  Before you get your pay check, spend it.  With so many frugal Americans, the only solution is for the government to spend trillions.     

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9 years ago  ::  Aug 22, 2009 - 8:13AM #32
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Aug 22, 2009 -- 12:49AM, arielg wrote:

Feb 28, 2009 -- 10:38AM, Boblight7 wrote:

 CZ, 59, They are all false Ego-gods/goddesses of the past. RIP!  Let US hope the 21st century begins sometype of " higher Consciousnes".. Materialism is like "  Castles made of sand"  Bob


The material world has always being what it is today.  Constant change.  There is no permanent or ideal state to be found there. It is the world of Ceasar. Materialists are those who are stuck in it. The spiritual world is not of this world.

For someone who is unhappy, this world is a constant struggle.  For another, living in the same situation, is a constant source of happiness.

The world is perfect as it is .  It couldn't  be any other way, given the level of development of humanity at this point.

What has to change is one's outlook.   It is possible to live IN this world and not be OF it

I could not agree more!


Christian LIES wed Christian HATE......Begot a’s named Prop 8! 

Supreme Court let it stand.....which means we can vote away the rights of others in our land.

Sad as that may hurts all of us.....not just me.
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9 years ago  ::  Aug 22, 2009 - 9:18AM #33
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Indeed, change is the nature of the material world.  I find the material world an interesting challenge, a place in the universe where matter, energy and spirit interact in a multitude of ways.  The flowers in my garden are material, yet they also present a beauty and joy that transcend what we call "material".

Indeed, we create "purpose" in our lives.  We have chosen to share in this material garden, to cultivate what we please, what speaks to our inner being.  Becoming skillful in this, we become artists and the material world becomes a canvas for our painting.

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9 years ago  ::  Aug 22, 2009 - 5:08PM #34
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From a historical perspective, a certain amount of materialism makes sense.

Materialism was made necessary by the Industrial Revolution. All that productive power required consumers to use up the products of industry, and it was largely young people who became the consumers, because older people just don't feel the need to fill their lives with all that crap. And this is what explains the culture of youth that became so prevalent as the Industrial Age wore on.

But alas, the Industrial Age in the West is slowly winding down. It was important because it gave us a means to produce what we need, when we need it. Eventually, materialism and youth culture will wither into something small and impotent, and we will again resurrect more meaningful ways of living, including renewed respect for age. But this time, we'll be able to mass produce things of importance when we need to.


1. Extremists think that thinking means agreeing with them.
2. There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth.
3. God is the original nothingness of the universe.
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9 years ago  ::  Oct 26, 2009 - 5:03PM #35
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Most of us in the good ol USA have had it so good. We take for granted the material things that are just an arms length away. We're programed toward materialism, but so many people will have to learn to be satisfied with the more essential things. Look at most people where they live and you'll find a garage full of stuff that is never used; cabinets of unused junk, and drawers full of whatever waiting for "I might need that one day". We have clothes and shoes that we're attached to, but never wear. We are the generation of stuff. Just think how all the unused stuff that we have could be donated to the trully needy. Look at the food that we waste, and the money we spend on dining out. We have every tpye or resturant, and grocery store that people in less fortunate countries can only imagine. Well the way this economy is going we might very well experience what poorer countries have been accustomed to forever. It would be wise to start to train ourselves now to live with less, especially materially. Monetarily we have more than we think if we would spend more prudently.

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9 years ago  ::  Nov 01, 2009 - 1:32PM #36
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Tim Geithner says the recession is over, and now he will focus on unemployment.  Apparently, he and Obama did not focus on unemployment until now.  They were concerned more about helping Obama's campaign contributors, especially Goldman Sachs, who gave more to Obama than anyone.  

The purpse of Obamas' economic policy was to ignore unemployment, except for publicity gimmicks, and focus on making sure bankers got million dollar bonuses. 

We though Obama might be a radical socialist.   No.  He's more accurately a supporter of nazi economics, like Hiter, who had a government business alliance with some major businesses.  It wasn't competitive capitalism, it wasn't socialism.  It was then called, in Italy, corporativism, or fascism.  Franklin Roosevelt initially liked Mussolini, and the Italian fascist economics.  It was borrowed from Hitler.  A grand alliance of certain private business monopolies with the government.  That's Nazi economics, embraced by Obama, our Fuhrer, along with his endless czars to run the economy, for special interests, with the people and workers as an afterthought.

We should all salute Obama, with a straight arm salute.  Maybe the children can sign songs of praise to Obama, we can all volunteer our time to Obama, the way Cubans have done to Fidel Castro.

Unemployment doesn't matter.  All that matters is pleasing Obama.  Heil Hussein Obama.

Of course, he needs more time to think about Afghanistan.  It's only lowly American peasants dying in Afganistan.  Obama is more considered with American nobility, Goldman Sachs executives, Timothy Geithner's associates where Tim used to work.  

Hitler had spell binding oratory to sell his authoritarianism and nazi program.  Obama's teleprompter speeches are getting close to Adolf.     Another Hitler policy was censorship.  Obama wants to censor opponents of his nazi economic policies.  He personally attacks Limbaugh, Fox news, the Chamber of Commerce, health insurance companies, anyone who criticizes him.    People were intimidated by Hitler.  They kept quiet until it was too late.  Speak up now, tell the truth about Obama, before it's too late.  He plans to make America into a Nazi country, for his Nazi elite, at our expense, at our children's expense.  Bernie Madoff went to prison for stealing 50 billion dollars.  Obama has stolen tens of trillions of your dollars and your children's dollars.  Obama needs to be sent to prison, for a hundred life sentences, at hard labor.  It would be a merciful punishment.

Just now focusing on unemployment, Tim Geithner?  Just now?  Obama had the most expensive innaugeration, he flies at tax payer expense on dates to New York, vacations in Massachusetts, plays golf more than George Bush did.   It's laughable that anyone still supports him.

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9 years ago  ::  Nov 01, 2009 - 6:59PM #37
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Agnostic, what's the point in reviving a months old thread when your additional "contribution" isn't even on topic? If you'd like to participate in all the anti-Obama rants splattered all over this forum, you are perfectly within your rights to do so... and posters are free to refute the illogic and ridicule your opinions.

This recent post doesn't suit the topic in any way shape or form. 

Tribalism, ethnocentricism, racism, nationalism, and FEAR is the Mind Killer... >:(

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