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10 years ago  ::  Mar 19, 2008 - 1:04AM #81
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The simplistic and extreme definition of dominionism used by CofC is not in itself, of course, the influence I'm discussing. Only the most radical of theocrats, for example, Gary North, might be described in that way.


  That isnt my defintion. That is the defintion of the movement given by and tpain. I said the group described was a small splinter group..with little influence except as a whipping boy for liberal fundraisers. You replied that I was wrong as they had influenced several very large sections of Christianity.
   So why dont i see the teachings referenced at the beginning of this thread in all the groups you mentioned?
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10 years ago  ::  Mar 20, 2008 - 3:47PM #82
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[QUOTE=Creedofcrusades;363009]So lets be plain here. The Southern Baptists,  Pentecostals, Focus on the Family, the Coral Gables ministry, Liberty University, David Barton's Wallbuilders and more denomiantions ar enow preaching (1)women should be bought and sold as slaves (2)execution of homosexuals and the adulterous (3)the return of slavery (4)jubilee years where the Indians get their land back?
  Because *that* is what and tpaine, claim are the teachings of dominionists.[/QUOTE]

First off, I don't see that claim in Please show, cite or copy/past some proof.

Secondly, if those groups AREN'T teaching 1 and 2, how could one call them Biblical, since The Bible (TM) CLEARLY calls for them???

[QUOTE=Creedofcrusades;363009]None of the groups you mention teach anything like that.[/QUOTE]

And we want to know why not? Are they ashamed of what The Bible (TM) actually SAYS???

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