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10 years ago  ::  Aug 11, 2008 - 7:47PM #31
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[QUOTE=koolpoi;682485]Taiwan indeed lost importance  to the US from a short term realpolitik perspective after Nixon's PRC visit."The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is a well established idea in international affairs.The US support for Stalin during WW2 is a classic example.But then came the Cold War when the ally became the prime enemy.The US supported Islamic radicals in Afghanistan to win this conflict and once again the ally became the enemy.China is going to become the world's other superpower.The only question is whether it also becomes a hypernationalist dictatorship or a democracy.If you don't think that Taiwan can influence that,you should talk the mainalnd Chinese who have visited the island.I have and these visitors are often a bit shocked but then intrigued by the freedom with which Taiwanese can criticize their government.As to your criticism of Chiang,there was a plenty to criticize when Taiwan was a one party state but even then there was much more freedom than on the mainland.Now Taiwan is a vibrant multiparty democracy while the CCP is strengthening its power in the PRC.[/QUOTE]

All of which may indeed be true-and all of which would make integrating Taiwan back into china difficult.
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10 years ago  ::  Aug 12, 2008 - 9:56AM #32
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Indeed but I would take it further.Integrating Taiwan into the PRC would not just be difficult,it would be wrong,not just for Taiwan but for China.People who have tasted a free democratic society do not willingly give it up except under the direst of circumstances (like Weimar Germany).Usually such people lose their freedom through war,revolution or military coup.However,people who have lived under dictatorships often reach for freedom when they have the chance but they have to believe in their own ability to make the new system work.I have spoken to many educated mainland Chinese who believe THEY could handle the responsibilities of democratic citizenship but their less educated bretheren (the vast majority of Chinese) could not.This is how some of this educated group  can rationalize Tienanmen.But Taiwan's successful democracy gives them pause.There are many examples of countries going from dictatorship to democracy but only one is Chinese.If Taiwan submits to CCP rule, this example of a free Chinese state will be just an historical footnote.But as long as it exists, the ROC will be the clearest possible reminder that democracy is a real option for the PRC.Right now the CCP is guarenteed support as long as the high economic growth continues but nothing continues forever.Will Taiwan still be offering a democratic alternative when that day comes?Do you doubt that not just the Chinese but also the rest of the world will be better off with a democratic China?
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