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11 years ago  ::  Dec 17, 2007 - 10:05PM #21
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CharikIeia wrote:

Who is innocent in your view?

Are you prepared to take of your own medicine, Jihadists coming to your place and kill you off?

Did you rejoice on 9-11 because the gloves came off?

Are you suggesting that we should be silent because ot the treat of Jihaddist coming to kill us off??  If we capitualte to that kind of thinking Western Civilization is doomed and the JIhad against Western Civilization will have won.

It seems to me that the UN should do something about this situation.

according to the article:

At least 60 people, including five UN staff members, were reported to have been killed in two car bomb attacks in the Algerian capital today.

A car packed with explosives rammed into the offices of the UN's refugee agency (UNHCR) in Algiers, and another was detonated outside the constitutional court.
Reuters put the death toll at 67, while the BBC said at least 62 people had died. The interior ministry said 22 people were killed - although hospital and rescue officials put the figure much higher - and 177 were injured.

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11 years ago  ::  Dec 18, 2007 - 6:32AM #22
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Islamic terrorism worldwide. This campaign is serious, and requires Western unity and decision. Yet I fear Europe doesn't quite get it, erroneously thinking somehow it can avoid the inevitable by ignoring the problem. Meanwhile, its population is slowly becoming Muslim, making it more vulnerable to Islamo-Fascism than ever before. Europe is deluding itself, and surrendering to the enemy in steps. Today it's anathema to say, "I'm a Western European nationalist." People instantly suspect you're invoking the spirit of Hitler. Well, they're wrong. Indeed, I'm a Western Christian nationalist, one whose roots are planted in Catholicism and Western society. I want to see my people, my nation, my religion, my civilization TRIUMPH, and I say that proudly, without hating anyone. To love one's nation is not necessarily to hate any other.
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