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7 years ago  ::  May 12, 2011 - 7:26PM #1
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Being a New Ager means having to explore the world religions without being confined to one.  It means that the faith I practice has no tangible boundaries other than the ones set by the world religions.  It means that the very beliefs I have in Mew (or God) is universal and can be applied by all the world's religions.  It means I am immune to the temptations of Satan and resistant to the schemes of Maitreya (the Raven).  It means that I understand the suffering of the world's people and that I understand the death of a loved one.  I believe that if a person is good, then he or she will rest in peace.  I believe that if a person is bad, then he or she will become a shadow of himself.

Being a New Ager also has its disadvantages.  It also means that I am prone to the rantings of the Christiian right, knowing that I will not go to Heaven if I do not accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I wish I could, but that will make me a Christian.  It also means that critics ranging from CSICOP to CARM would try to "ratioinalize" the New Age as being a bunch of bull.  Of course, I do not fall for the paranormal, but then again. . .

I love being a New Ager.  It gives me the gift of understanding, that I will never cry at a funeral but instead give offerings to the dead.  I feel like a better person the more I challenge my faith.  It gives me an understanding of what it is like to be in Heaven (or Hell).  I do not like it when a person says that my beliefs "will not bring me to Heaven," for I am not interested in going to Heaven.  I am trying to rest in peace.  I feel that all Christian and Islamic fundamentalists are mere shadows of themselves while the mainstream of the world's religions are children of Mew.

To quote a Council Member: "It is of upmost authority that the Council of Pendragon preside over the authority of the self and that the religion of the New Age will remain forever."

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