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7 years ago  ::  Mar 21, 2011 - 9:40PM #21
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I totally agree with you in that what one person believes or has faith in does not necessarily make it so. You are right. If there is a God and His teachings are true, our belief or lack thereof will not change that truth. The original point I was trying to make was in response to the question as to how our faith affects our lives? I was commenting on my personal faith in God's word and how I have chosen to live by that word. My faith has changed my life, becoming a way of life. I know that I cannot make others believe what I do, anymore than others beliefs can change my mind if I am committed to what I stand for. Faith is a very personal thing. What I believe today is the result of many years of study and prayers for understanding. My faith in the Bible, as the inspired word of God, is not blind faith. It has opened itself to me through fulfilled prophecy, through the annual holy day seasons that ancient Israel rehearsed, which mirrored to the very day, month and year our Lord's death, burial and resurrection, to the current events that were accurately foretold thousand of years ago. Many people say that the Bible was written by man and cannot be taken seriously. The Bible says that all scripture is given by inspiration of God. Whether or not we individually choose to believe man or God is a decision we each have to make and live with.

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7 years ago  ::  Mar 22, 2011 - 10:00PM #22
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I believe - have faith, based on credible evidence - that the universe follows predictable rules which we can understand (even if we don't have perfect understanding of everything YET, I do believe it is possible).


I also believe - again, based on credible evidence - that the writings you call 'Bible' are human products. Written by real people, in a real place, concerning their own personal and cultural real beliefs and interests and opinions.


Sometimes they were very wrong about things. The world was not literally created in six 24 hour days. The earth is much older than they believed. The sun does not rotate around the earth, nor is the planet flat. The sun has never 'stood still' and donkeys do not, and never did, engage in conversations. There was never a worldwide, all-encompassing flood. Those things are false, they are untrue, and they are irrelevant entirely to my faith in God and Torah as containing a valid message and teachings from and about God.


I regard the Torah as valid teachings about my people's understanding of ultimate reality, and how it affects my life, and the life of all my people. It's not a set of divine dictations. It's not a ouija board. It's not a secret code. It's also not a science text, a biology text, or a history book, and it is a mistake to regard it as containing valid information about those topics.


The Bible - Torah, Prophets and Writings - is a set of books about how to LIVE and why - not a one-source compendium of data.

People who put such a degree of 'accuracy' on 'the Bible' are acting as if the written material is 'God'. The Bible is not God. God is God. All those writings can do is act as a kind of introduction.


Blessed are You, HaShem, Who blesses the years.
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