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8 years ago  ::  Jan 28, 2010 - 6:20PM #121
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Jan 28, 2010 -- 5:21PM, TPaine wrote:

Hi Peter,

It's very hard to discern what a sect believes when most of the information about it that survives was written by it's opponents. Origen was certainly nor their ally. However, we do have at least part of the Gospel of the Ebionites which appears to be quite similar to Matthew although it eliminates the first two chapters of Matthew's Gospel. I always considered books like the Gospel of Thomas, and the Revelation of Peter to be Gnostic works, as they were found at Nag Hammadi. Weren't the Ebionites, Marcionites, Gnostics, and Proto-Orthodox competing sects during the first two or three centuries CE?



Competing sounds so much like a football game. lol A friend said the other day that the Ebionites were very much the Gnostics Gnostic. In other words, the Ebionites were founded through direct contact with Yeshua and TheWay and through the work of Ya'cov; however, the Gnostics as founded by Paul, were Greek and did not have direct contact with Yeshua. This is the rub that comes up in the Book of Acts between Peter/James and Paul. While they did not disagree with Paul on one level, they had to disagree because they had what Paul did not and I don't think he ever got it. 

Marcion was on the outside and was a fragment perspective and really was anti-Semitic. He eliminated much of the Jewishness or rather Hebrewness of the NT in his versions of the texts. The Proto-Orthodox are hard to nail down early on, but they eventually are the ones who won out and as Ellen Pagels roughly says in her book about the Gnostic Gospels it is the winners who end up writing history. That in and of itself makes me question just about anything written because all men have a bias and perspective even if they don't recognize it. That doesn't mean that I don't read things, it just means I have to have some good 'lens' on while I do.

If there is any gospel that is closest to what the Ebionites had, it is the Nazirene Gospel and yes, spelled Nazirene based on the vow of Nazir. While people will argue until blue in the face about that gospels origins, what it contains can be found in many other gospel fragments or Thomas or other things I've read along the way. There are certain passages that are so deep in their spiritual meaning that I can see why Gentiles had problems with it. 

Peter M.

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