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10 years ago  ::  May 29, 2008 - 5:44PM #1
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hey everyone! 

i love being a christian whose questions never end because it not only teaches me about my own faith but also am able to answer questions others may have. 

i am in constant research of other religions as well because i want to know that what i believe in is right but also why i dont believe in other relgions.  for instance, i know why i am not a mormon or a muslim because i have studied their religon and don't agree with them (no offense if you do).

know what you believe and why you beleive it!  my faith is not always as strong as i would like it to be but even when i have questions i always know that there is a God

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10 years ago  ::  Jun 01, 2008 - 1:59AM #2
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Its good to have questions about other religions, its even better to listen to others answers. You say you research because you want to make sure its right. Right? When you get your answers to right or wrong concerning God...give the rest of the world a clue. With God I didn't know there was a right or wrong way.
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