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9 years ago  ::  Jun 03, 2009 - 7:16AM #11
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Nov 28, 2008 -- 12:16AM, UserDemos wrote:

Hello community,  A young man, in his journey through the wood (much like Dante) became alone and afraid. This is where my story begins: my family was Orthodox Greek (very, very loosely). In third grade, I became an aethist much to everyone's despair, but my happiness. I became very unhappy after a while missing something in my life. Around my nineteenth year, I chose to look into Buddhism and meditation. I tried to practice, but was not...devout by any means. Recently, looking into Kabbalah. I'm currently 21, moving onto 22.   The meaty info:  -I have always been interested in Buddhism. I have strong belief in karma (what goes around...comes around). I love to do yoga, but unfortunately, being in theater, find little time for it. I found meditation uncomfortable and preferred to find other more active ways of calming the mind (like, yoga).  -Recently, I have looked loosely into Kabbalah. I find the "Red String" a very neat thing and currently (for about a year) have been wearing one. I find that it helps me find the good in people and life. There are also, things about the power of the mind, heart, soul, and such that I find interesting. I don't connect to Kabbalah, but on a superstitious / mystical level. Something I find compelling, but not something I think I could commit to.  - I do not believe in G-d. But, I'm not sure. Sometimes I feel this strange internal sensation that almost sends my heart out of my body (I assure you it's not a heart attack or anything). I find that some piece of music, or sometimes pure emotion, just moves me "outward" and I feel like perhaps there is something...but, I just feel very rejected to the idea of a G-d, in the big guy with a beard smiting people sense. I'm not sure I believe in a physical being. Sometimes I don't believe in an energy.   Do I have a religion? Is religion the answer? Any advice from people who perhaps have some insight. Does my past history have anything to do with my choice? What about social issues like homosexuality, abortion, tattooing, and such.  Most importantly, can anyone help me? Much appreciated. - D



Have you looked into the Bahai Faith? it's something  I'm currently looking into myself

Here is the U.S.  Website good luck on your journey


"A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person."  Dave Berry
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