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3 years ago  ::  Oct 31, 2015 - 3:36PM #11
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Oct 22, 2015 -- 9:50AM, BDboy wrote:

Oct 19, 2015 -- 1:51PM, mountain_man wrote:

This smart young lady did not invent anything. Thermal Depolymerization of plastics, using heat and pressure to turn the long polymers in plastic to the short polymers in fuel, is nothing new. I've known about it for over a decade. Maybe she came up with a newer method or machine. It is costly though. The last I heard the depolymerization takes more energy than you get in return. Take into account the diversion of these plastics from our landfills and it might come out even.

>>>>>>> it seems she found a way to lower the cost. Let us see where we go from here. It is a good initiative to keep our earth greener.

Lower cost would be good.  There are actually three ways I've heard of for turning plastic back to oil, two of them prohibitively expensive.  The one I mentioned already, "Anything to Oil", is both the cheapest and the most flexible -- they even demonstrated that we could turn human solid wastes into oil.... while pointing out it makes more sense to mix it with vegetable matter, compost it, and make topsoil (already being done in several places in the U.S., and perfectly sanitary -- the compost heap get hot enough from the decay process that if you split a pile and throw in paper, the paper ignites in seconds).

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