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Switch to Forum Live View A teaching connecting the main dots between science and religion (Christianity)?
3 years ago  ::  Aug 28, 2015 - 7:13PM #1
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Being honoured with an invitation on this forum and seeing many scientific themes here, but not much on the side of faith, I dare to challenge the brave seekers of truth to look a little at the New Revelation teaching (through Jakob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer) - references on,,

Although I am not scientist, I know about a couple of European scientists who were very attracted by this teaching. There is also an interesting book by a German scholar called Kurt Eggelstein containing much text on the issue of the New Revelation and modern science
Some other people with scientific interests compiled a list of some scientific prediction found in the NR that can be seen at
The well-known German philosopher, statician and economist E.F. Schumacher wrote about the New Revelation (NR) in his book “A Guide for the Perplexed” (possibly not to be found in the newer editions) , the following statement: "They (the books of the NR) contain many strange things which are unacceptable to modern mentality, but at the same time contain such plethora of high wisdom and insight that it would be difficult to find anything more impressive in the whole of world literature. Lorber's books, at the same time, are full of statements on scientific matters which flatly contradicted the sciences of his time and anticipated a great deal of modern physics and astronomy. ... There is no rational explanation for the range, profundity and precision of their contents."
There's not only supressed science, but also surpressed religion, for, in fact worldly authorities always strugled to surpress the truth in any of its forms. Considering this, as a scientist, one may not wonder so much what scientific authority supports this teaching of the New Revelation, but rather wonder if this one may deserve his support...

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