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Switch to Forum Live View For YECS, what criteria determine if data is credible?
6 years ago  ::  Jun 24, 2012 - 7:03PM #181
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Jun 24, 2012 -- 5:54PM, iamachildofhis wrote:

Jun 24, 2012 -- 12:39PM, Bl├╝ wrote:


That does not mean I do not have free will.

Blu: If Yahweh is present in the future then he has perfect knowledge of the future.  You can only ever do exactly what Yahweh foresaw back before he made the universe, and what he saw you do in the future, where he's present.  You have no choice in the matter - it's outside your power to change anything so as to surprise him.

iama:  You are absolutely correct, there, Blu.  Once you have played out ALL OF YOUR WILL-CHOICES, and  you have died, your eternal choices are forever OVER / settled for eternity!

THEREFORE, make your important choices, today.

2Cr 6:1-2

Cool. Put me down for Buddhism. If Jesus ever does return it will be as a Buddhist, because (at least from my perspective) it is the most Christ-like religion. After 2000+ years of Christianity, if North American "fundamentalist christians" are the "epitome" of Christendom (as they seem to think they are), then Jesus Christ is likely to turn his back on the religion named after him.

"creationism" ... 2000+ years worth of ABYSMAL FAILURE ... and proud of it.
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6 years ago  ::  Jun 24, 2012 - 7:22PM #182
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iama: Name one plank in the evolutionists' paradigm which ISN'T an assumption / speculation;

* That the universe is billions of years old.

* That the Earth is billions of years old.

* That the fossil record shows a number of different varieties of creatures arising over time and often becoming extinct over time; humans and dinosaurs never shared the Earth.

* That these creatures can be organized into nested hierarchies based on their genetic relatedness where samples are available.

* That each individual genome includes some number of mutations.

* That some mutations make small changes and some make sweeping changes.

* That mutation rates are different for different species and even different parts of the same genome.

* That the beneficial mutation rate can be very high --- 16% has been observed --- in underfit populations.

* That mutations can add or delete or change genetic information.

* That some number of those mutations are heritable.

* That natural selection works to capture those mutations that are beneficial.

* That populations separated by geography or behavior (whooping cranes raised by sandhill cranes) can accumulate more and more differences between them, until they can not interbreed, as has been observed in ring species.

* That there is no biological limit to how many such mutations can accumulate in a population.

* That populations that are severely reduced in number show evidence of that event in their genomes.

* That humans are biologically invertebrates, mammals, primates and apes and share a successively greater genetic commonality with those groups than any others.

* That all the mechanics observed about biological evolution in general apply to humans.

That's what I can come up with off the top of my head --- I bet other posters can add to that.

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6 years ago  ::  Jun 24, 2012 - 9:18PM #183
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Jun 24, 2012 -- 5:40PM, iamachildofhis wrote:

We YECs weren't there at The Creation, either, but The Bible speaks forth The Creation - The Bible is the only Creator-God, supernaturally, God-Holy Spirit inspired-human recorded Book.

Evolutionists don't have such a reliable recording!

To me this facinating as like with the rest of YEC's point of view concerning scientific facts, facts concerning the compilation of "the only Creator-God, supernaturally, God-Holy Spirit inspired-human recorded Book" goes totally ignored. The facts simply HAVE to be ignored to support YEC's beliefs, otherwise they'd lose their faith.  And people of faith, depending of the individual, will do anything to defend their faith.

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