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7 years ago  ::  Dec 27, 2010 - 12:34PM #1
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I just wanted to post this here...I did not write this and I hope the post is not too preachy...but it is from my ex-teacher who is 77 and who is an actual initiate...use it for what it is worth to you...

"Jesus was not born on Christmas! Jesus was a Piscean Master for the Piscean Age, therefore he was born in late February or March under the sign of Pisces. The reason that Christendom celebrates Jesus' birth on December 25th goes back to the year 313 when the early Christian Church, at the urging of the Emperor Constantine, decided to couple Jesus' birth with the pagan birthday of Mithra--the pagan Sun God. The day was further enhanced by the Emperor Aurelian as part of the Roman Winter Solstice celebrations.

The reason the church decided to put a pagan "spin" on its Prophet's birth was two-fold. First, it gave Jesus much-needed credibility in the Roman world and guaranteed a large turn-out of pagan celebrants. Secondly, it identified Jesus with the Pagan symbol of the life-giving Sun which proved its invincibility every Winter Solstice as it ended its plunge into darkness and once more resumed its increase in bringing light to the world. The Sun was thus a physical representation of Cosmic Renewal and a new life and, as such, was always an apt symbol for the Highest Spirits who brought Light to the earth. Since the church was bent on making Jesus a singularly eclectic Prophet, the first step was to blatantly co-opt popular pagan ritual.

The Three Wise Men (Magi) were Mahatmas (Great Souls) whose job it was to make sure that Jesus had all he needed to fulfill his mission. Thus the "gifts" of gold, frankincense and myrrh were metaphors for the gifts of wisdom, teaching and healing. The "Star" which the three Magi "followed" was Sirius, in the constellation of Orion which, because of its configuration at that time, foretold of the birth of a great prophet. That there was "no room at the inn" is indicative that Jesus' Teaching was for the pure of heart and not those engaged wholly in business. The birth in the manger was a harbinger of his identification with the "lower" economic classes.

Santa Claus and St. Nicholas are multi-ethnic dramatizations of the original
"Father Christmas" who leaves his home at the North Pole to appear at the
Yuletide bearing gifts for everyone. These "gifts" are much like the gifts which the Magi gave Jesus. In fact, Father Christmas is a Wise Magi who brings us the gift of wisdom precisely at the Winter Solstice--the idea being that everything which has existence, including Human Beings, goes through cycles and each of these cycles affords growth. Wisdom travels on Light Energy and since we are here to learn wisdom and truth, i.e., become "enlightened," we are offered the gift of enlightenment particularly at the time of the Winter Solstice when Light renews its growth in hopes that we have grown enough to discern what this gift really is. Thus each year we are given a special opportunity to see through the physical illusions of life and begin to discern the metaphysical reality of life. It's like growing up enough to finally be able to grab the brass ring on the merry-go-round.

The fact that Father Christmas comes from the North Pole is significant.
According to the Ancient Wisdom, the first continent to be formed on planet
earth was around the Northern Polar Cap. This is where the magnetic influx of cosmic energies is highest and where the earth's crust first began to take shape. Also, the long-awaited advent of the New World Teacher, the Lord Maitreya, and his "Warriors of Shambhala" will arrive from the North, according to Tibetan lore. Therefore the "Gifts" of Wisdom which the Magi--Father Christmas--wishes to give us is the wisdom needed to prepare our consciousnesses for the coming of the New World Teacher and the next step of cosmic evolution.

How to best celebrate Christmas? First, try not to participate in the crass
commercialism which has taken over the real meaning of this very sacred time. Meditate on the renewal of consciousness as a matter of spiritual evolution. If your personal urge for renewal coincides with the planetary cycle of renewal, the combined magnetism of energies will reinforce each other to your benefit. 
Remember that wisdom lies not in seeing things, but in seeing through things. And, above all, be kind and considerate to other people--that's precisely what it means to "love one another"--thus you will be passing on to others the gifts you have received."

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