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8 years ago  ::  Oct 10, 2010 - 2:29AM #1
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Dance of the Photons by Anton Zeilinger is out.


Roses always come with thorns. Sometimes, thorns first, sometimes roses first, and, sometimes, thorns outside, roses inside, sometimes roses outside, thorns inside.

Someone who dreams of drinking wine at a cheerful banquet may wake up crying the next morning. Someone who dreams of crying may go off the next morning to enjoy the sport of the hunt. When we are in the midst of a dream, we do not know it's a dream. Sometimes we may even try to interpret our dreams while we are dreaming, but then we awake and realize it was a dream. Only after one is greatly awakened does one realize that it was all a great dream, while the fool thinks that he is awake and presumptuously aware. Chuang Tzu
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8 years ago  ::  Oct 12, 2010 - 9:19AM #2
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The Prize Committee for Physics has unanimously decided that the 2010 Wolf Prize be jointly awarded to:

John F. Clauser
J.F. Clauser & Assoc.
Walnut Creek, CA

Alain Aspect
Institut d’Optique,
Palaiseau, France

Anton Zeilinger
University of Vienna &
Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Vienna, Austria

For their fundamental conceptual and experimental contributions to the foundations of quantum physics, specifically an increasingly sophisticated series of tests of Bell’s inequalities or extensions there of using entangled quantum states.

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