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3 years ago  ::  Oct 16, 2015 - 7:24AM #1
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You attacked the wrong person.

I say to you all. You are to have nothing to do with the building of the Temple!

I denounce you all for your crimes and abhorent behaviour!

And as Yihweh lives you will pay for the crimes and horrors you have all commited and been complicit with!

´Produce your defence´ says Yahweh
´Present your case´ says Jacobs king
´Let them come and tell us
what is going to happen next.
What could they tell us of the past
to make it worth out notice?
Or will you discourse to us of future things
and let us know there outcome?
Tell us what is to happen in the future,
and so convince us you are gods.

Do something atleast
so that we can note it and all see it.
No, you are nothing and your works are nothingness;
To choose you would be an outrage"


If you dont know who I am yet you will all learn soon enought!

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