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7 years ago  ::  Jun 28, 2011 - 12:10AM #1
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peace and goodwill to all-

today i met with the local quaker " clearness committee" responding to a letter that i sent to them last month. i was very happy at the idea of all the good things that may have come from this meeting and i think my high joy going into it is a factor in the deep sadness i felt as i left  it.

not knowing where " Our Spirit Sister" would lead us during that meeting , i drew up a other letter intended to the meetings conclusion that help points i wanted to ensure were thought and sadly i was mistaken to do that because THAT letter became to focus of the meeting as the first was forgotten.

 ( fyi i have decided to attach a female reference to The Holy Spirit of Yahweh because there is no female reference of the elements of the  " the trinity " and without a female reference lady folk are wrongfully left out from that spiritual TRUTH - also it feels right in my heart to do so and im sorry i did not think to do so earlier on my spiritual walk because without lady folk there would have been NO Human BIRTHS .)

i was stunned to learn midpoint of the meeting that of  the tree person clearness committee  two lady folk and one fella NONE would admit to a personal " christian spiritual identity" and one lady said proudly that she was " atheist" -as the man was too timid to admit to any personal faith system at all in spite of my confession and request for " spiritual clearness " from them.

my once high hope faded then as i realized this was a waste of time for us all to continue.

i felt like a jack ass thinking that i spent  the past  30 min  trying to express the things of SPIRIT  with those that happily held faith to nothing of any defined spirit -christian or otherwise.

if it were a play it would have been called "a  farce" but because it is true life it was just pitifully sad for me  to witness.

i wanted  to ask when "the RELIGIOUS society of friends- quakers"  founded to THE CHRISTIAN REFORMER GEORGE FOX stopped its " religiousness" and traded in for as secular social community were faith and the things of faith as are ethereal as a burp is solid?

but i felt too much time and hope had been wasted in that faithless place already so i thanked them for there time and bid then all a peaceful night.

well, should it ever become  Our Fathers Will to provide to me the ways and the means to open a " modern day quakers meeting house " in my home town of newark nj with george foxs true dogma" "THE CHRIST STILL TEACHES HIS OWN " and "ALL THINGS BIBLES AND SCRIPTURES AND COUNCILS ARE ALL SUBORDINATE TO YAHWEH" CURRENTLY PRESENT  HOLY SPIRIT" -

then i will do so  and i will grow it as a place of Our Creator Father / Our Savior Brother/ Our Sister- The Teacher is loved and heeded and followed as we prepare for The New Life Like The Angels Live".

but maybe we are now too near to "our collective end" for Our Father/ Our Savior Brother/ Our Spirit Sister to invest the request faith and love in still one more faith community that will likely end up as every other faith community has ended up-

accepting disease when healing is gifted to us. accepting continued sin when forgiveness has been gifted to us and worst of all accepting falsehood over truth and the the grave when " New Life " was our all along... oh well im too crest fallen to do anything now but weep.

well i guess that wraps up my last posting- thanks for reading it.

peace and good and tons o'love


ps this is the letter i gave to atheistic / non committal committee... not that it matters a tinkers dame now.

28 June 2011




Dear sisters, brothers, friends in Our Savior Brother / members of the Clearness Committee of the Upper Montclair Quaker Friends Meeting House,



I bid you all peace and thanks for inviting me to your committee meeting to give more information / clarity of the letter that I sent to you few weeks ago. Because I do not know where Our Savior Brother Spirit will lead our talk   as it unfolds I  am writing you this what I hope to be  this brief note to ensure I forget not what ring’s as most important to my heart- least I forget to speak of them during our allotted time together.

Firstly I would restate that I believe I have been blessed with a very important ministry that I confess most every other faithful follower of Our Savior Brothers Way of Faithful Love would be better suited for then the fully flawed vessel that I am—never the less here I am. My Heaven Ordained Work / Ministry is to separated “ christian myth and less then truth” from The CHRISTS TRUTH and there is MUCH in this “ chistiandom” that needs this separating.

Next I would ask  “ the quaker church “ for as much aid, prayer supports and “ good thoughts” that you can give to me to help me make a start of this work that may take more time then I likely have left to live in this flesh I was born before it is done. Still please be advised that I am committed to this holy work with or without your communities blessing or support knowing as I know with certainty that “WITH OUR FATHER YAHWEH NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE” and that the works START must happen if its completion can  happen therefor it is “ The Start“ that matters most.

To my reckoning your quaker community has at its theological heart “ the greatest christian TRUTH” of any living christian community- namely the belief that “ The Christ still teaches His Own” by The Direct Revelation of the same Holy Spirit that was first given to the faithful gathered together in the upper room in jerusalem  after Our Savior Brother Resurrection following His Perfect Work of Purest faithful love that healed every human soul of adams stain as well as each of our own “original sins” that we tend to created as well live our life so far from Our Fathers Living Heart.. Sadly much of your  modern day quaker community has be spiritually infected by the same spiritual affliction that has rendered most every other contemporary christian church and community with a powerless faith that is akin to  salt that has gone flat.  It is my heartfelt belief that the vector of this spiritual disease IS “ the 66 book christian bible” and the faith given to the writings  held in those books OVER the faith given to The LIVING Word of GOD placed as the prophet jeremiah said would on day be give- directly upon our living hearts jer 31:33/4. Even at this late hour no one may well serve more then one master- if the paper word formed/ edited and o/t commissioned by the murderous pagan roman emperor constantine in 328 ad is what believers hold as “ gods word”; then Yahweh Our Creator Father will  not / has not begrudged anyone that error filled  want; but the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT resets NOT in those errant believers beings because “ there other master is being served” and that “ paper foundation” is worthless in the times we now have entered into.

The more your  own divided communities  can reform upon our friend george fox’s foundational teachings of keeping scriptures and sacraments SUBORDINATE to The Living Holy Spirit of Yahweh given to us by Our Savior Brother Yesh’wa 2011 years or so ago- the better you as a community will fair in these changing times and the better you would be able to help me in helping all Our Father’s Children/ Our Brother’s siblings  through the hard testing times to come.

I do ask if a new day for worship gathering may be added to first day service   for – Thursday or 5th day eve in honor of the Our Savior Brothers “last supper” where “ the covenant of love  that enabled jeremiahs prophecy to come to pass “, a  worship time to discuss and actively reflect upon HIS ORDINANCES  and examples and teachings  can be remembered ; a day to gather “IN HIS NAME- Yesh’wa BAR YAHWEH” “ when we can  sit at Our Masters Feet so to speak  and learn from Him and no other. It would be grand to actively invite every christian clergy and believers to this service as well for fellowship and greater friendships too.

In closing I would add only two more points that I think are important and that may not have been seen by some in your community in this direct light before-


1)                     when george fox was only 10 or so years old in England a puritan lady a true “ spirit fill prophetess” named ann hutcheson was  in the new england colony     giving her living voice to The Comforter/ The Teaching / Holy Spirit until  john winthorp the appointed governor / spiritual leader of that colony had her banished from there community for doing so was she an  early quaker?  Yes I think so.

2)                     When the bible itself was being readied for codification  at the 328 a.d.  or so counsel at nicaea there were then faith communities that lived not by any printed word-but rather by every WORD that Our Father Printed upon there living hearts- one of them were called “gnostics”  and when they would not agree to allowing the “ bible “ and there faith defining creeds to be made there “spiritual master” they were slain and there history was slenderized by the winners media apparatus”. Early quakers them?  Me thinks mayhaps.


In closing let me say that if I had to put a name to what I am feebly doing here and now  I recon I’m working for a reformation of the reformation that begun with marten luther ; only this time I am calling for “ONLY THE EXTENDED GOSPEL RECORDS” to be seen as our common scriptural canon and that even THOSE  must be seen as subordinate to Our Father/ Our Savior Brothers LIVING WORD writ upon our living hears.

Thanks for your time and attention. Please know that I am praying for you and yours all the peace and good and loves that Heaven can being.




your  servant in Our Savior Brothers Living Heart,

peter the roman


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7 years ago  ::  Jun 29, 2011 - 11:27AM #2
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Very interesting, peter d roman.

To our almighty God and Father (of Christ and ourselves):  "Show them you alone are JEHOVAH, the Most High over all the earth."  (Psalm 83:18)
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