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3 years ago  ::  Aug 29, 2015 - 8:13PM #1
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The Death Penalty inflicts cruel and unusual punishment on it's recipients and makes the victims of unparalled cruelty if they were not already (had a terrible life).  The death penalty treats American citizens worse than cattle feed; it creates an aura of invinciblity to a system called the Prison Industrial Complex, or the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.  This intitution Systemtically criminalizes lives.  It turns a non-violent person into a "violent" person, or a potential murderer due to the hate the prison system inflicts on it's inhabitants.  The prison system takes a peron's life away, takes away their medicine, thier friends, their families, and physically and emotionally abuses them the time they live in a lovely facillity that makes some people beg for the death penalty or comitt suicide.

That being said- the prison system is designed to be able to hold people in there for a year (minimum) or life (Maximum) security prisons.  All the prisons isolate, alienate, and force people into small rooms, with little room for movement, with very little daylight (small windows or bars), and some do not even let people outside.  Ever. 

These are reasons that there IS the death penalty-> human beings being forced into inhuman conditions that cause unfathmable misery.  This misery creats unstability for the world outside a prison.  The few that can not "tolerate" a roomate end up dead.  The maximum setting allows for strip searches, rectal feeding (called the death penalty syndrome), and forced feeding.  The overlap between the sentencing guidelines the U.S. Attorneys advocate for and the death penalty is the same, or near-same treatment for the inmates or future inmates (people that NEVER had a GRAND JURY, much less a jury get to talk to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons and thrown into a slaughterhouse after their sentencing by a judge). 

The worst prisons, the maximum security ones, generally hold the murderers and geniunely terrible people.  The few that are NOT terrible that end up there may have been "too poor to live" "indignant (a criterion for the death penalty is homelessnes)", or just may just have not been the best person alive, nor the worst.  Those people that fall through the cracks of the prison system tend to be the "psychopaths" with "maximum sentencing" done to them to "prevent further crime".  Secretive juries and judges decide your fate while the world awaits the verdict.  There is no verdict in many cases of the U.S. Federal System.  The verdict is vengence, retribution, and retaliation.  

The only difference between a life in prison setting and a death penalty in some states is the amount of absolute, inhumane, cruel, unusual punishment you endure.  I beg the advocates against the death penalty to abolish maximum sentencing guidelines from U.S. Attorneys, since the prison system brutally hurts people's confidence, pride, and creats such injustice that I know that there is no justice in the United States but suicide for the inmates.   By the time people get to prison, they are already in a terrible situation, some homeless, some living with parents, some addicted to drugs, some in prostitution.  Why makes these lives more criminalized?  These people, are too, victims of crime.  The non-violent ones (non murderers, robbers) tend to be extremely victimized and turned onto more crime that could cause a murder in the future in SOCIETY.  Does the government care if a potential inmate murders someone?  No.  An inmate does?  YES.  Society does not matter to the U.S. Bureau of prisons that visits 1/100 American homes.  Their job is to keep the "safety" of the people in a prison.  Safety is code word for people eating and alive.  Yeah right.  Talk about humane treatment of a large portion of the population.

The people condemned to death tend to be too poor (deemed worthless to society by U.S. Attorneys) for committing too many crimes (whos watching the marijuana smoke 18 years ago?  The judge and DA care).  The impoverished with little or no family support are deemed a threat to the supposed society of a prison and thus society.  The hate the prison sytem breeds is beyond that of any country.  Imagine being in a place where condoms are more plentiful than water, and HIV is more prevelant than books.  That is a maximum security place where those dieing on the death penalty live and most violent people die.  

How are the so-called violent people on the death penalty and violent offenders keep contained in a setting reserved for meat packing?   That is the issue.   It is called being interrigated to the ends of the earth by the FBI or profiled by a federal agency to insure the right "roomate" and "investigaton" so theres no other past crimes or future cries towards murderers or weirdos.  The average person in society is affected by a crime in their life.  What happens to the perpetrator?  Do they die in a caged zoo being told they are nothing but the toilet they dont even own? 

People, get a break! YOU WILL KNOW someone that is either been jailed, imprisoned, or a victim of a crime in your lifetime.  The people that steal your money may be treated worse than murderers by certain politician attorneys.  The people that murder your mother may be given a year in prison because he had money.  And success in manipulating people.   What's the deal?

Politics cruelly punish those that "offend" people here.  The death penalty is no longer reserved for violent murderers.  Anybody in ANY prison system can be treated near that extreme of those that are dieing from their crimes againt "society" When society is just an attorney's worldview.  Wait until your neighbor gets treated worse than prisoners of Guantanomo Bay because he stole money in a stock exchange.  He then gets the stocks, according to some thought.

People are no longer human in a jail or prison.  Much less the death penalty.   We as human beings must forgive people that comitt crime and rehabilatate them in order to spare people from an uncessary cruelty (such as rape, strip searches, in a prison).  What consitutes cruel and unusual punishment is upto a judge, not the world.  When most of the people on a planet called Earth look at the United States, they see hate towards people.  A country that denies people the neccessites to live in order to save money for corporations (Prison Industrial System).  There is no clothes in a prison, no belongings, no conciousness if your environment is indeeed a conciousness.  People are born with a conciousness.  Those with ones need to save those without. 
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