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6 years ago  ::  Dec 02, 2011 - 11:28AM #1
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Apperently this is for some idea of community and not racist?   
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6 years ago  ::  Dec 06, 2011 - 8:39AM #2
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Dec 2, 2011 -- 11:28AM, Grimace_the_bold wrote:

Apperently this is for some idea of community and not racist?   

Hi Grimace.  This is the historical and present behavior that reveals why America is suffering and so splintered.  One of the most disappointing things is these people claim to be Christians who follow the Bible, yet their behavior is totally against the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Principles of Oneness among His Believers and Followers that He taught and practiced. One would figure Apostle Paul by The Holy Spirit would have solved this problem milleniums ago where in Acts 17:26-31 all forms of racism are literally crushed and obliterated as practices among Believers and Followers who claim to follow the Faith in the New Testament/Covenant given by The MESSIAH YHVHSHUA called by Gentiles Jesus Christ. False teacher and false prohets have fed this nation all kinds of false doctrines pointed especially at Chametic/Kemetic people such as amalgamated with monkeys and apes ( 7th Day Adventists), incarnate fallen angels( Mormons), cursed to be eternal slavesthrough Cain( Baptists), created before Adam and Eve as subhumans/mud bloods( Apostate Creationists). The list of corrupted forms of Christianity could continue.

It has to be the greatest disappointment to see young Believers have to suffer such social and Spiritual  hurt by older apostates in their old religions that are filled with white supremacist lies and delusions about race.  And we wonder why people are up in arms to get Christianity and the Bible out of society. However, the Bible is not the problem and neither is True Christianity. The problem remains sinful people who refuse to repent and obey the Commandments of YHVH to "Do unto others what you want others to do to you....Love your neighbor as you love yourself, the Second Greatest Commandment of all of Human History." There is no way the abomination of racism can continue where people Truly serve and worship Jesus Christ. I saw the article two and my stomach still turns that in 2011, after all Americans have been through over this issue, the Church which is to be the Hope /Light of the World is still chained inthe Darkness of satanic deceptions that give evildoers justification to do evil to their fellow Americans, fellow Believers, fellow Human race family.

When will it stop?


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