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7 years ago  ::  May 23, 2011 - 2:23PM #1
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While it's been a work in progress for a few years, I recently completed and began sending out copies of a writing to scholars, philosophers, celebrities, etc., called Truths of God.  I'd very much enjoy any feedback you may have, and would encourage any questions, comments, or discussion you'd like to engage in. 

You can download a copy of Truths of God at my website

Here is a sample of feedback I've received for some who have read it.

Name: Bishop Thomas Gumbleton
Message: Dear Bob,

Thank  you for sharing Truths of God with me.  Your note indicating that you  hoped that I would find it both spiritually invigorating and enjoyable  to read was right on the money - I thought it was both.  Your challenge  to the readers that we leave this world in a better way than we came  into it by first changing ourselves can resonate to any person of good  will.

You must be a very reflective person and I appreciate all  the time, prayer and reflection that you put into writing Truths of God.


Tom Gumbleton

Name: Rabbi Amy Bernstein
Message: Dear Bob,
Thank  you so much for sending to me a copy of your well thought out &  beautifully articulated piece!  How I wish more people of good will  understood your points about a plurality of understandings, and about  how serving God in this world is valuable & needed.  How I wish more  people of all faiths strove to protect & nourish our planet &  the many wonderful people who inhabit it.  I will keep it on my shelf to  turn to when people try to use the Christian Bible (or the Hebrew Bible  for that matter) to further an agenda of greed, hate & selfishness.   Keep up the good & holy work you're so wonderfully about.

Name: Joan
Message: Hi, Bob,

I finally  got a chance to read the whole thing. I was afraid you were a Christian  fundamentalist when I first really talked with you, when we briefly  discussed religion.
Admittedly, I skimmed a few chapters but read  most of it intently. As an advanced writing teacher and English Ed.  student who has studied and studies and will study argumentation and the  teaching of argumentation, I find your argument to be resolutely sound  and that is a tall order for a subject so taboo to many. You provide  more than ample examples, research, and anecdotes to make your points  but clearly articulate and dismantle opposing arguments.
I really  enjoyed reading this, and it made me reevaluate and clarify my own  beliefs. I whole-heartedly agree with your thesis, believing in God as  ultimately believing in Good and vice versa. I have always defaulted to  being agnostic, mostly because I did not have the energy or inclination  to do what you have done. It is staggering, really, the complexity of  your thought process and perfected articulation and support for  something so simple, but beautiful and necessary just the same. Thanks  for sharing,

Name: Thomas Owens
Message: Bob's message is  universal to many generations advocating a life of loving social service  and apprehension of universe values and meanings under God.  Truly the  fatherhood of God implies the brotherhood of Man. Bob makes this and  other noble precepts most explicit using everyday language!  God  bless!!

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