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8 years ago  ::  Sep 25, 2010 - 9:15PM #1
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«CHICAGO: Anti-war protesters have claimed their homes and offices were raided by the FBI on Friday in an attempt to silence dissent in the US.

An FBI spokesman confirmed agents searched six locations in Minneapolis and two in Chicago as part of an investigation into ''activities concerning the material support of terrorism''.

Special Agent Steve Warfield of the Minneapolis branch of the FBI declined to confirm who was raided, saying only that the warrants remained sealed. ''There's no imminent threat to the community,'' Warfield said. ''We did not plan on making any arrests and we did not make any arrests.''

Activist Mick Kelly, an organiser of a huge anti-war rally on the opening day of the 2008 Republican National Convention, said the FBI had kicked down his door about 7am on Friday after he had already left for work.

''To me this is harassment of anti-war activists and leaders who have spoken against US intervention in Latin America and the Middle East,'' Kelly said. He insisted he had ''absolutely not'' been involved in any illegal activities.

Activist Jessica Sundin said the FBI had taken her mobile and given her a subpoena to testify before a grand jury in Chicago, and was looking for items related to her anti-war activities and trips to Colombia and the Middle East.

''I am angry,'' she said. ''I want people to know that the government is targeting people for our ideas.''»

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8 years ago  ::  Oct 14, 2010 - 1:29AM #2
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Hmm, I publicly, frequently and strenuously made my objections to U.S. involvement in Iraq known. I have been very consistent in my opposition to "the drug war".

To date, neither the FBI, nor any other governmental or law enforcement agency has "kicked down my door" to supress my voicing my disagreement with government policy.

Perhaps you are not as pacifistic as you would have us believe.

How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!
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7 years ago  ::  Mar 15, 2011 - 1:30PM #3
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"USA intimidates pacifist" - just a suggestion but you might want to actually live in a country or at least read more than one news clipping before making such a sweeping statement.

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7 years ago  ::  Aug 31, 2011 - 10:34PM #4
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Indeed, Paganprincess!

But I think the larger picture is that the political protesters being investigated are basically seen by police authorities as disobedient, untrustworthy citizens who cannot be relied on to wave the flag at all the appropriate times.  The police see their job as being to control the behavorial nonconformists in society -- especially the violent ones -- and they have trouble distinguishing between violent and  politically disobedient people.

But although the protesters may have done nothing wrong, don't think for a minute that the authorities will not find some way to make their lives miserable, for years, and probably force some of them to plead guilty to some trivial offense in return for their freedom, if only as a face-saving measure.  At this point the FBI has made a commitment of time and resources that they cannot gracefully back out of without admitting their mistakes and bringing political criticism on themselves.

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7 years ago  ::  Sep 01, 2011 - 12:34PM #5
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Aug 31, 2011 -- 10:34PM, Jocko wrote:

But although the protesters may have done nothing wrong, don't think for a minute that the authorities will not find some way to make their lives miserable, for years...

If that were true I would have been in jail years ago!

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7 years ago  ::  Sep 06, 2011 - 7:46PM #6
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Howdy Karma

I can certainly understand how antiwar protestors would consider raids on their homes to be harrassment.  But to claim that the FBI raids were "terrorism" is a bit of an overstatement. 

None of those people were arrested or charged with a crime. 

The claim that the raids by the FBI were to intimdate anti-war protestors sounds plausible but let me ask you how successful was the the raid in intimidating those anti-war protestors? 


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