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6 years ago  ::  Jun 12, 2012 - 9:17PM #191
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First off, where is abortion defined as murder under the American legal system?

We are not a Muslim country where we live under religious laws. I know Christians would not mind living under religious laws like most Muslims do, but I don't want to too and lucky for us that we live under laws determine by and for the people.  So, again would you give the law where abortion is considered murder in the country?  I guess there are religious fanatics like the /Taliban that consider abortion murder and stone the women because it it.  Would like like any woman that has an abortion stoned to death?  After all Allah is your god also,  The Jewish, Muslim and Christian god is the same god just different interpolation on how to worship it.

Now, could some of the religious fanatics please tell me where abortion is defined as murder?

First, the Christian God causes abortions and according to you is therefore a murderer. So is God a murderer because he causes abortions (miscarriages are abortions). So, because God is OK with miscarriages/abortions I don't think he/she would consider that he/she/it is a murderer.

Second, why do folks like you think that torturing a woman is good and righteous? A woman gets raped and you want to torture her by making her carry an unwanted baby to term. If it is a teen getting raped, you don’t mind that she needs to drop out of school and that she cannot afford medical care and attempts suicide, you just like to see her suffer because of your belief in some fictitious god that men created,

I guess because your God ordered woman to be raped (this is contained in the Bible that you think is true word of your god) that forcing a rape victim to have a baby is OK because your God likes to see rape. Why don't all the Bible thumpers ever point out the Bible verses where God orders rape and murder? Or point out where God murdered babies and children by drowning them



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6 years ago  ::  Jun 13, 2012 - 12:52AM #192
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Wow - I know that this thread has been idle for a couple of years, and apparently people's memories are rather short term as well.  If you scroll up about two posts, you will see the post I posted two years ago concerning religion and this debate board. Those who use religion to support their opposition to abortion cannot continuously use scripture to support their position, but then neither can those who have a problem with religion use the abortion issue to point out their dissatisfaction with religion.  This board is to discuss the abortion issue only - there are numerous other boards to discuss religion. Further posts breaking these rules will be removed.

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