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8 years ago  ::  Apr 13, 2010 - 12:33PM #71
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Apr 13, 2010 -- 7:47AM, newsjunkie wrote:

Sure bei -- if it doesn't fit with your preconceived notions it's irrelevant.

No. It's irrelevant if it doesn't address anything I wrote out and argues a totally different point. That's why. It's akin to talking about favorite colors and having one person chime in with a "I like chocolate milk!". I mean, it's great and all but what's it got to do with one's favorite color?

From your numerous threads on polls I realize that what you think is relevant is opinion, but only opinions that agree with yours.

And, yet again, no. You know how I usually accuse you of going off on some totally unrelated tangent? Well, I don't do that because it's fun. I do that because you do, indeed, go off on some unrelated tangent and start discussing or arguing things that no one was discussing or arguing. Anywho, much like the other thread where I asked the same question, please explain to me what the above had to do with absolutely *anything* typed out. Because I'm obviously stupid, and don't see it. So help a brother out here.

And when you're asked to back up your claims, you filibuster.

Oh, now this is a li... Oh, wait. I'm not allowed to use that word. Lemme' rephrase that. The above is the untruth.


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