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7 years ago  ::  Oct 11, 2011 - 1:10PM #1
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Founded in 10th century England by Morgan LaFey, the New Age did not become a religion until 1979.  It used to be a holiday tradition, but now it has its own holidays: Candlemas, Beltane, Lammas and Halloween.  It has tons of scriptures, most notably the Conversations With God book trilogy.  Why did it take so long?

Medieval Period: It is heathen, and must be avoided at all costs.
Renaissance: It is stock full of superstition and is not a decent sale.
Colonial Period: It belongs to the Separaists (Pilgrims).
American Revolution: Not right now!  The British would have our heads!
French Revolution: It belongs to the royalty.  It must be executed.
American Civil War: It's worse than slavery.
Industrial Revolution: It takes forever and time is money.
World War I: Don't say dugrenshar.
Great Depression: I cannot afford it.
World War II: Tell that to the Nazis.
Cold War: Communism has nothing to do with it.
Information Age: There's too much bullsh*t on the Internet.
New Age Movement: That's it!  Let it go!
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