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5 years ago  ::  Jul 16, 2013 - 10:13PM #611
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Hello There,

I wrote this on my blog site "Atrayo's Oracle" back on April of this year as a tribute to the memory of "Michael Jackson".


(Reposted here for your leisure.)

Jewels of Truth Statement: "In Memory To The King of Pop Michael Jackson"

Hello All,

Since this "Jewels of Truth" statement is more so a memorial away from my ordinary writings. Please keep in mind I'm a kindred spirit to all souls that maintain a youthful demeanor in spirit. Often the term that is used is that of a Man Child this is one reason why I'm an avid gamer. Aside from all this I wanted to attempt to write posthumously a statement or memorial to "Michael Joseph Jackson". At least in my perspective he was / is a living role model in how to maintain one's youthful spirit forever young. No matter the difficulty that life throws across our path his artistic fervor remained strong for us all to enjoy.

1469) Not all children are fortunate to live the life of merriment in times of youth. Life and work make demands which are so costly that shall not be ignored. It may seem fewer still can achieve renowned artistry and begin to live their lives backward. Enjoying their youth only when fully an adult as deemed by society.

Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" or popular music was one such soul. Innocent with the heart of a child with the outlook of a multi talented genius. He achieved what few dared to dream for themselves alone. He was a man child in spirit, he was seen by others as an eccentric. Nonetheless as his life rose to stardom his child like spirit remained the same. Michael adored "Peter Pan" the fictional character even altering his visage to resemble the Immortal Boy of "Neverland".

Those seeking to misunderstand "Michael Jackson" had it easy. Those who adored and loved Michael had it harder in understanding him. Still we loved Michael because he was Michael, not just as a celebrity. He proved many wonders are a reality, even in spite of the heartaches he endured. He loved children as a truly kindred soul should for his spirit was amongst them always. His talents rose higher and higher whilst remaining true to himself and his own ideals.

The world shall always misunderstand greatness since so few ever achieve it within a lifetime. Many of his dreams became our own through the vocation of his generous spirit for music and the arts in general. For this our society today, and the one to come born of our children shall be eternally grateful. Those of us with kindred child like innocence even more so shall remember thee "Michael Jackson" as the "King of Neverland". Amen. ---Ivan Pozo-Illas / Atrayo.

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5 years ago  ::  Jul 31, 2013 - 1:23AM #612
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You know I really appreciate this post alot. My name is Elizabeth and Im 46, when I was a child 4 5 and 6;

 The Jackson 5 were popular. We had  a few of the singles and we watched the performances on tv and as a child my sister had me sitting in front of the tv every week watching the animated show. As a teen being raised in the 80s of course I saw ,lots of groundbreaking first time performances including seeing him do Billie Jean for the first time and also Thriller.

 I had  afew of his albums but I wasnt  a big enough fan to really really collect alot of his stuf although I still pick up his music and The Jackson 5 quite often on youtube and sometimes watch Janet Jackson and her show.


But anyways not only do I agree with you but I can also relate on a serious level.I was hospitalized for 3 years in psych wards because of my mental health issues in my teen years and not only that but my Mom was somewhat obsessed with my mental health. 

She was set on the idea that I was either ADD or learning disabled even though the school district said I wasnt she was drinking heavily in those years too and she liked trendy psychiatric issue with children.

She spent a huge amount of time sending me to docters and psychiatrists through my youth years, when I came out of the hospitals at 16 and tried to finish high school Mesquite school district did not want to accept an ex psych pateint in their schools basically told me to go back to the psych wards so i dropped out and completly missed out on my youth.



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5 years ago  ::  Jul 31, 2013 - 1:33AM #613
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I am unusually young somewhat dislexic and bipolar and sometimes I blame my unusual youth on that I not only have a youth mentality but also look really young and have a young voice. i  not only like pathfinder d and d and sometimes play but I am into 2nd Life.


Its strange 2nd Life is the virtual reality world some call it a game some dont they use it to live there; and many adults cant catch on its hard too unless youre kind of young or young at heart and have been into video gaming alot.

 It took me a few years really to catch on but I use it all the time and people are jealous of my youth. Infact its a problem for me jealousy over my eternal youth,Ive been called  avampire. My old psychiatrists say its somewhat more natural with mentally ill pateints.


BUT BACK TO MICHAEL JACKSON YES THEY DID PERSECUTE HIM AND PICKED ON HIM BECAUSE OF THIS AND MISJUDGED HIM. They doint understand, they think the child man means he has to be a child molester and its not true.Its just like with me people are freaked out and think I cant get anyone to like me or have a relationship with me unless hes a predator because of my mental health issues.

its not that theres not any predators who have been attracted to me I jsut deleted the rets of that I might write about it in a different section later.

BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN I DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE  A BOYFRIEND  or anything but I think alot of people think that and it makes me mad. It just makes me mad that people assumed all that crap about MJ too I love Michael Im a child woman as well sometimes I use the term vampire for eternally young, Maybe Ill write more about this later in a different section.

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5 years ago  ::  Jul 31, 2013 - 1:35AM #614
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Im also knowledgable about Twilight and vampire soaps in general.

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