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9 years ago  ::  May 08, 2009 - 1:44PM #1
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When I was a kid, I loved reading Carolyn Haywood's "Betsy" books. Even though I grew up in the '80s, and these books were written in the '30s, the characters and situations were still easy to relate to.

In one part of "B is for Betsy" (probably Haywood's most famous Betsy book)  Betsy and her classmates create a Thanksgiving basket for a poor, elderly woman who sells pretzels for a living. I remember reading about how basket was lovingly assembled and even then (I must have been about 6 or 7) was truly touched by the generosity of the children and the reaction of the "pretzel lady." It really instilled in me the importance of giving and helping others.

So, I want to know--what were your favorite childhood books? What did you learn from them?

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9 years ago  ::  May 16, 2009 - 3:29PM #2
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I haven't read the "Betsy" books, but what a wonderful lesson to learn!

I was a voracious reader as a kid, and I think the most memorable lesson learned was the importance of being flexible when responding to whatever might come along. You could be walking along an ordinary road, minding your own business, and there is suddenly a MONSTER or a TALKING DOG or a SPACE ALIEN. Quick, what do you do? My childhood heroes never stood there with their mouths hanging open; they would quickly accept the new reality and respond.

I haven't always been able to put that into practice as an adult, but I try!

Dr. Deb 

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9 years ago  ::  May 26, 2009 - 10:35PM #3
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Books, Books, and more Books!  Voracious reader all my life!

I'm  52.  Reading is so much fun!, not to mention many characters, compelling plots, situations, resolutions, ignites the brain cells!!  Makes people vibrant, active, curious, spontaneous...thoughtful.  

Reading makes people...intuiative, strong, generous, loving, insightful, interesting, creative♥ people! 

Some books I remember from childhood, adolescence:

The BoxCar Children

Lesson's:   resilience !  strive, improve, be kind, love, support one another; work together, teamwork.

Nancy Drew/ Trixie Belden - Female Detective Stories

 Lesson's:  think, reason, observe, watch, detail, patterns, behavior, patience, strive, master, believe in yourself,  impulse control, look and listen, qualify and quantify results.

Pray that today's and future generations will LOVE to read!


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9 years ago  ::  May 27, 2009 - 3:09PM #4
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Easy question: Dick and Jane! It took a few years, but I got two complete treasury books of their stories. What they started they finished.  What I start, I keep at it until it is complete, no matter what the interruptions and distraction might be.

My memory of the first few. I started reading and read the whole book in a matter of moments. My teacher was floored, she had to go get a reader from the second grade to slow me down. Shortly after that while playing a game in class I spotted shevles full of books. I asked the teacher when she came to get me. What it was, and that's when I learned what a Library was.

She took the time to show me where the books for my age group was. I turned my back on those because they were too easy to read.  Sometimes I just pull them out and read them again and yes they are too easy for my reading level.

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