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5 years ago  ::  Feb 07, 2013 - 8:45AM #1
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When I was little I had reoccurring dreams and visions of this human form bathed in a whitey-blue light, and now I've been having them again and I'd just like to know if anyone has heard of them before, or if I'm just going a little crazy.

They have pitch black dark hair, really pale white skin almost like marble, their form is half woman half man (they're always nude), their palms are always open towards me, and their beauty is so indescribable - their beauty is unworldly, full lips.

And I think (even though I'm not religious) that they have said God's name to me quite a bit - so perhaps they're from Judaism or Christianity?

Thank you
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5 years ago  ::  Feb 07, 2013 - 4:52PM #2
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XIV. And as Aseneth finished her confession to the Lord, lo, the morning star rose in the eastern sky. 2. And Aseneth saw it and rejoiced and said, "The Lord God has indeed heard me, for this star is a messenger and herald of the light of the great day. 3. And lo, the heaven was torn open near the morning star and an indescribable light appeared. 4. And Aseneth fell on her face upon the ashes; and there came to her a man from heaven [1] and stood at her head; [2] and he called to her, "Aseneth". [3] 5. And she said, "Who called me? For the door of my room is shut and the tower is high: how then did anyone get into [4] my room?" 6. And the man [5] called her a second time and said, "Aseneth, Aseneth;" and she said, "Here am I, my lord, tell me who you are." 7. And the man said, "I am the commander [6] of the Lord's house [7] and chief captain [8] of all the host of the Most High: [9] stand up, [10] and I will speak to you." 8. And she looked up and saw a man like Joseph in every respect, with a robe and a crown and a royal staff. 9. But his face was like lightning, and his eyes were like the light of the sun, [11] and the hairs of his head like flames [12] of fire, and his hands and feet like iron from the fire. 10. And Aseneth looked at him, and she fell on her face at his feet in great fear and trembling. 11. And the man said to her, "Take heart, Aseneth, and do not be afraid; but stand up, [13] and I will speak to you."

 It could had been a messenger from God.

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