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8 years ago  ::  Apr 21, 2010 - 3:13AM #1
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The following is told by one of fellow practitioner, who hasn't computer. Indeed we are one whole group, which have been following after Master and will be following for ever.

I am eighty years old and happily obtained Dafa in 1995. Master gave me a second life.

I have practiced cultivation for more than ten years. First, I want to thank Master for his compassionate salvation, and also thank fellow practitioners for their selfless contributions. Master's teachings have always guided me every moment; and righteous thoughts of fellow practitioners have always encouraged me and enable me to so far walk steadily on the Fa-rectification path.


I was quite ill prior to cultivation practice, suffering from hepatitis and an ulcer when I was thirty years old. I took countless medications, and I was always pale and unable to do any physical work. I also had tracheitis. Life was a struggle for me.


Ever since our respected Master published the priceless book Zhuan Falun, I had the honor to read it eagerly. Before I finished reading it once, Master began to cleanse my body. Diarrhea continued for more than twenty days, but my body was thoroughly cleansed. Over the past ten years I haven't needed to see a doctor or take any medication. Now I am glowing with health. I walk fast and energetically. People who know me are surprised at my changes.

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