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9 years ago  ::  Nov 17, 2009 - 12:26PM #1
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I've had some strange things happen to me since brain surgery.  Most notably, I've encountered about 3 times a "Being of Light".  I'll try my best to describe the experience. Although it's difficult to describe, and it sounds crazy even as I try to describe it - I'm not crazy.  And these things really happened.

I don't remember what it said to me; I only remember my response towards it, because it seemed like my heart or my soul was responding to it.  It was bright, shining and very vibrant, and it seemed to communicate telepathically or, with feelings.  It posed a question to me.  I don't remember the question; but my response was that I "still wanted to help people." 

I am wondering if this could have possibly been a spirit guide. 

At the time, I imagined that I was projecting my own unconscious and was somehow having a dialogue with it.  This explanation doesn't make sense - but I'm grappling with a way to describe or understand what was going on.  I considered that maybe it was a hallucination or I was going psychotic - but I"m not any of these.  And I've asked my neuropsychologist (and have looked around) to see if other people who have surgery to correct epilepsy has had similar experiences.  So, I'm considering and wondering whether I had spiritual helpers to guide me through the process.  (I started seeing this being before the surgery).

Anyone have any thougts, especially those who do talk to or have gotten in touch with spirit guides?  I'm willing to believe that it was just a hallucination, but this doesn't explain why I felt so vulnerable, like I was "being seen" as I spoke with it.Innocent

And by the way - the being looked like this picture, except it did not have a definite human-like form, and it didn't have wings.  Its body was entirely composed of light.  On one occassion I thought that it was "pure consciousness" or "pure thought" .  It seemed as though its body was "composed" of consciousness, thought and feeling (if that makes sense). 

If you can imagine seeing/sensing a body of light talking without words, full of feeling and awareness, you can imagine what the experience was like.  It was scary but I wasn't scared.  Rather, it seemed "natural" to communicate telepathically. Or, maybe my brain was just swollen.  I don't know....Laughing


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9 years ago  ::  Nov 19, 2009 - 3:46PM #2
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Welcome to the forum.  It seems to me you were seeing your guidance or an angel. 

Reminds me of Dannion Brinkkey' near death experience where he encountered beings of light while "dead".


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6 years ago  ::  Jan 30, 2012 - 9:11AM #3
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The Being of Light is in fact your true self as portrayed at  That this is not at all understood, is because the Church under Roman rule suppressed and outlawed this essential esoteric knowledge that was possessed by the original core disciples of the historical Jesus and TheWay.   The reality of man's higher soul-self that does not incarnate into the body -- and is our true self that dwells in The Realm of Souls -- is presented at   


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6 years ago  ::  Feb 17, 2012 - 8:32AM #4
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Hi Edensway,

It sounds to me like you understand your vision very well, and thanks for sharing it!  Also, you retained the memories and impressions you had very well of your experience.  Many people have similar experiences during major changes in their life, surgery being one of those.  Altered states happen in lots of different kinds of extremely stressful situations.  

I once had an angel experience while undergoing extreme fear.  In wanting to escape that fear, I landed right in front of a beautiful angelic being that told me things of great comfort.  The fear was so great that I actually had a near death experience, and the angel was able to help me back into my body, so that was good.

Best wishes for your healing!


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