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"My kingdom is not of this world" - Yeshua

The Benu Elohim (Sons of the Gods) are mentioned, in plural, in Genesis 6: they descended to Earth and intermarried with the daughters of men in remote antiquity.

Prophet Enoch (whose book is included in the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible but not the Roman one) mentions travels to other planets in heavenly chariots throughout almost his entire book.  He's often identified as the same as Hermes Trismegistos.

In Matthew 13, Yeshua makes references to the Gardeners, who seeded life on this planet and cultivated it, and will harvest it when it is no longer sustainable here.  This planet is seen as a Garden by them.  The chapter includes the parable, and later on a clarification of the parable, where he calls these Gardeners 'angels'. 

The miraculous, artificial insemination of Mary and Sarah appear to have been cases of alien intrusion in the human genome.  This would explain the insistence in the prophetic tradition that a messiah would have to be descended from David, and the insistence in the times of Prophet Samuel that David's lineage had to replace Saul's.  It's as if David's genetic configuration had some kind of peculiarity and affinity with whatever was seeded in humanity when the Christ appeared.

In the Ramayana, a Hindu religious epic, we're told that the Christ incarnation of Lord Ram was also seeded, along with his two brothers, in their mothers' wombs miraculously.  When he married Sita, we're also told that Gods in heavenly chariots descended to witness the wedding.  If beings from other worlds really visited Rama's wedding, that would have been a very long journey.  Generally, weddings are occassions for RELATIVES to visit.

There were many events during the birth of Krishna that are related, to explain how Mother Yeshoda came to raise him.  Clearly he was of unknown origin, or there were questions about his paternity.  His skin is also said to have been bluish, which is part of the reason why he was so peculiar and probably part of the reason why he was deified.  Some of his names refer to his skin tone and otherworldly beauty, which means that it may have been shocking, or at least noticeable or quite peculiar.  If he was from another world, he may have come from a planet where there is not as much oxygen as on Earth.  Some populations in the Himalayas already have evolved bluish skin due to the high altitude and low oxygen levels there. 

The Gospels also mention that 'angels' assisted Yeshua during his fast in the desert, they also announced his birth to Mary and they visited in the Mount of Olives as he cried, to comfort him.  This is just scratching the surface in terms of scriptural references to apparent alien visitations of beings who are today considered divine incarnations.  Clearly, if these events were to happen today, they would be labeled alien visitations. 

Who are these Gardeners of the 'kingdom of the heavens' mentioned in Matthew 13, these intergalactic geneticists, who have played such a crucial role in history?

The end of all life on this planet is known as 'the harvest' by Yeshua. In said chapter, he explained that the angels are Gardeners who seeded our race here, and mixed theirs with ours (this is found also in Genesis 6), but also an enemy race did the same and in the end there will have to be a separation.  These gardeners will naturally take an interest in their own descendants, of course, because they have made a genetic 'investment' in them.  Then, they will 'save' the rest.

In Matt. 13, the other race is simply known as the 'enemy', and Christian mythographers translated this as Satan but, just as with the book of Job, the word shaitan simply means 'enemy', not a supernatural entity.  And so we see more than one humanity in the kingdom of the heavens, in the galaxies, who are both genetically compatible with our humanity.

Here is my interpretation of all this information

Even if there is no third world war, no meteor or global cataclysm, sometime in the future life will not be sustainable.  Like all planets, Earth will finish its cycle.  The Sun also, like all stars, will explode into a super nova.  And so it's a matter of time before we will be forced to carry our civilization into the 'kingdom of the heavens', into space, and produce compatible ecosystems that can sustain us.  We will have to create habitats, gardens, for ourselves and our sister species on Earth.

Our descendants will have no choice but to become heavenly Gardeners: that is our destiny as a race, if we are to survive Earth.  We'll have to elaborate scientific and legal protocols to be able to create ecosystems, gardens, in other worlds, and these will probably become the foundation for a stellar legal code of some kind.

We also must admit that, if this happens, we'll want to create ecosystems that sustain OUR species.  We would not waste vast amount of resources on ecosystems that do not, at least indirectly, serve our race.  We, and our survival, will at least have priority.  And so terraforming other planets will be mainly a service to humanity.

Evolving in many planets, numerous humanities would eventually arise, culturally and physically distinct but essentially all human.

Therefore, it would be a fair conclusion, even if we're only speculating, that these Gardeners would have had to be most likely human, in order to spend so many resources in creating a Garden or habitat for our species.  We will have to share the same destiny at some point.

These Gardeners would have had to be human also in order to be able to mate with women, as they did in Genesis 6. Why else would they have wanted to seed humanity here?  They had to be genetially compatible with us, and therefore humans.  If they were giants, as many ancient scriptures claim, then it's probably due to being exposed to a different gravitational pull elsewhere for many generations.  Martian humans, for instance, will weigh a third of what they weigh on Earth.

The belief in Gardeners is New Age-y but its roots are in the Gospels.  This is a crucial, cental Christian idea which has been mythified and not sufficiently elaborated in traditional Christianity.  It depicts not one, but many Edens throughous the eons, and one heavenly humanity in many worlds. 

Yeshua explained in Mattew 13 that when the harvest takes place, due to the mixing of races over so many generations, Gardeners will not worry so much about genetics and will take to heaven those portions of humanity that produce the least iniquity. 

I would imagine that they will want to use our scientists, agronomists, biologists, etc. and that those persons would be useful in the terraforming of future Edens.  Many of the 'giants' who visited our humanity in antiquity were cultural heroes who brought these same gifts to our humanity.

People who produce violent and superstitious societies will probably not be 'harvested'.  Those who still eat meat and abuse other species will most likely also stay behind, as this is testimony to how they would treat other species in whatever planet they're taken to.  This is all common sense: if WE were to take our species elsewhere, OUR scientists will probably establish similar protocols, since the moral imperative and purpose of this would be the salvation of that ecosystem's species.  Our scientists would probably not want to waste so much work and resources in protecting our species and others, only to reproduce elsewhere a society that does not manage these matters responsibly.

If this turns out to be more than baseless speculation, we'll really never have a way of knowing how many times humans have been through this cycle.

Post Script: MSN published these relevant articles: The future of human evolution and Human Evolution at a Crossroads.

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Seems to me that you are forced to interpret that which others have written, to come up with your version of reality. Try going within, to get the good stuff direct.

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