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8 years ago  ::  Jun 15, 2010 - 3:50AM #1
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The goddess Kali is very beautiful but she can be very cruel. She sits on her angelic throne watching the universe and destroying old worlds so new ones can be made. If Kali blinks an eyelid she can create an earthquake or a tidal wave and cause massive planetary destruction. She is the original weapon of mass destruction.


The goddess Kali is watching a man who lives and works on Cash Street. His job is to lend cash out to people and his sole objective in life is to sell his service to anyone, no matter what. Unknown and unaware to the man of Cash Street the goddess Kali is watching him and saw the following.  A young, recently married, couple enters Mr Cash Man's office. They are in their twenties, full of hopes and dreams, and deeply in love. Their jobs only bring in a little money so they have no savings plan.


All the young couple want is to be together and care for each other. Mr Cash man didn't care about any of that. Mr Cash man knows the young couples ability to pay back the cash is pretty slim.  Two years later the young couple lost the property they purchased with the cash, and their marriage sadly ended in divorce. They were both torn apart by the experience. But Mr Cash man didn't worry about it.


The goddess Kali is very patient and does not act impulsively. She sits observing the scene unfold, allowing people to exercise free will. "What I'm seeing is not making me happy," thinks the goddess to herself, "But I will not act yet, I will give them plenty of time to decide for themselves and change their ways only if they want to."  All over the country there were thousands of Mr Cash men doing the same thing. Thousands of people couldn't pay and their sorrow and despair reached the goddess Kali. Thousands of couples had their lives wrecked by a group of humans known as the Cash men.


Hopes and dreams galore were smashed to bits. The goddess Kali was watching and listening.  Television does a good job of reporting the stress, anxiety, and heartache of the people. This situation is sad, really sad. I personally see them suffer and do not like it. What I wish for them is to have a clean family life, strong satisfying relationships, and good fulfilling lives. Instead I see reality...  The goddess Kali gives plenty of signs to Mr Cash man. Signs in the form of news,documentaries, and broadcasts on the havoc Mr Cash man was making. Still Mr Cash man did not change his ways. All he could think about was himself and his getting more boys toys for his hungry ego.


Goddess Kali is watching the entire show. What the goddess saw shocked her. There were thousands of Mr Cash men all doing the same thing. They all had the same attitude. "Feed me and my ego. Stuff you and everyone else."  Finally one day the goddess Kali had enough. In an instant she blinked an eyelid and an entire Western city with its inhabitants of 10,000,000 people was laid to waste. There was no more Cash Street since it no longer existed. Mr Cash man didn't survive either. Several minutes after the goddess Kali blinked her eyelid the dust settled and the city looked like Hiroshima after the dropping of the atom bomb.  Mr Cash man, no longer with his physical body, was floating above the devastation, wasting time before he was to be taken away for processing, then recycled, and given a new body.


He met the goddess Kali on the way and started complaining to her. "You cruel and wicked god," said Mr Cash man, "How dare you take away my business, my life, and everything I stand for."  The goddess Kali replied," My poor man, many signs I gave you, and much suggestion to change your ways. You did not to listen. You now have the result you now have."  "You took everything I held near and dear," said Mr Cash man,"My life is gone because of you."  "Yes I did take everything," said the goddess Kali," and I was doing my job. Time for you is brief so let me explain.  "I have a very special job to do here in the whole universe. That job is one of protection and creation, but also of destruction.


In this universe a group of beings is only allowed to degenerate morally and socially down to a certain level, then I have to step in and take action. You see this universe has other beings and civilizations I have to look after and your harmful vibrations is impeding their progress and evolution.  "This is only allowed to happen for so long. But I give every civilization I'm about to destroy plenty of time to change. I even send them my messengers in their physical bodies to help them. Many of these messengers end up murdered because their message is too bitter a pill for them to swallow."


Mr Cash man was dumbstruck by this new information. His astral helpers arrived and began to gently lead him away. He had more questions to ask the goddess but he could not speak as his energy was quickly dwindling.  The goddess Kali just looked at him. Not with hate, but as a mother looks at a five year old boy who has been very naughty. The goddess Kali didn't waste any more time with him. After all she had another 9,999,999 souls from the same city as Mr Cash man, with no physical body, to give them the same explanation.


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